PDXWildlife offers exciting and unique internships that help participants reach a range of academic and professional goals. To help our core team of Portland and international staff undertake and manage our programs initiatives, we have developed the PDXWildlife Intern Program. Intern accommodations vary per month and per location.  Intern periods can stretch from 1-12 months but most of our intern projects are for a 3 month time period.

Some intern applicants express an interest in undertaking their own small research project, as a dissertation requirement, to obtain extra credits from their university, or simply to gain further experience of planning and executing such projects in a conservation biology setting. We are very happy to accommodate this type of project, and can provide the necessary supervision and guidance both in the planning and execution stages. We can also review other research questions, although acceptance of these would be dependent on identifying an appropriate field supervisor (supplied by PDXWildlife). All interns receive a general orientation and induction course at the start of their visit, after which they are assigned to one of our project staff, though swapping in and out of different projects is also possible.

Typically, our interns will spend about 4-5 hours a day focused on research activities either in the local office, around the neighboring cities or off in the field. During the rest of their time, interns are free to explore the area, improve their language skills, coordinate fun activities with other interns and staff, and mingle with visiting volunteers and researchers.