Volunteers will gather data on local cetaceans and will be expected to partake in submarine and open water transects, plankton collection and analysis, behavioral observations and field note-taking on cetaceans such as blue whales, humpbacks, orcas and more. This program aims to cover a variety of open-water and island sites, weather permitting, using a small vessel (panga) enabling our team to move between open sea and shallow, coastal areas. Participants may be involved in defining transect sets using charts, maps, GPS and satellite imagery. Novel findings will be added to an ongoing species survey catalog. Optional visit to Magdalena Bay available, where “friendly” gray whale mothers come to calve and young whales seek out pangas. Additional species of interest include marine turtles, shorebirds, and sharks. Please see our website as provided for more details.
No prior experience is necessary. Program is ideal for undergraduates with an interest in pursuing marine biology or looking to gain field experience, though is not restricted to these groups. Anyone interested in learning about the rich ecology of the Sea of Cortez should apply. Contact for more information or to apply Sabrina Salome at sabrina@ravenadventures.com. Please include your CV or resume.