Objective of the assignment:

To be the key regional level GIS support to both members and the Tigers Advisory Group. The role works closely with the GIS staff across all national offices as required. The role provides critical technical support, and a coordinating role that is used to conduct research, and to develop and test toolkits and templates that are then taught to landscape and regional GIS staff for adaptation and demonstration across their sites.

Scope of work / major responsibilities:

  • Work with Mike Baltzer to be the key point of contact for the Tigers Alive implementation strategy (create mappings for tiger related activities
  • Work with Ashley Brooks as key point of contact for corridor & linkages analysis
  • Landscape connectivity, corridors and critical linkages:

Act as the key WWF technical person and liaison with donor countries in the development of a toolkit for identifying critical linkages for application principally by tiger landscape teams, and subsequently by network landscape teams;

  • Accompany tigers staff to field visits for developing the methodology in Central

Sumatra and a landscape TBA in India.

  • Support presentation and overview of the tool to a tiger and snow leopard corridors workshop to be held in India in TBA date in Oct/Nov.
  • Act as the coordinating GIS technical person for the corridors workshop;
  • Corridor analyses for DTL and EPL: in close coordination and led by Thibault Ledecq:
  • Assist with the inputs and maintenance of GLOBIL with regards to forest indicators
  • Analysis of the Produce DTL and EPL habitat
  • Assist and build skills with local GIS specialist in Thailand and Myanmar
  • Assist with CA|TS mapping on the websites

Roads and tiger landscapes research:

  • Further develop the research on impacts of roads and linear infrastructure on tiger and Asian landscapes;

General GIS support:

  • Support to general mapping and analyses as required by Mike Baltzer & the Tigers Alive team
  • Review and understand existing landscape KPI monitoring system, database and GIS layers
  • Assist in database and GIS layer maintenance, updating these as needed
  • Assist in maintaining and updating the team’s digital platforms

Expected Outputs

  • Fully functional GLOBIL system in place
  • EPL Draft spatial planning (link to Current EU project that is lacking GIS expert)
  • Toolkit developed to identify critical linkages across tiger and Asian landscapes


  • Thorough ArcGIS Platform Knowledge (Desktop, Pro, Online)
  • Map and Cartography Skills (ArcGIS Desktop & Adobe Suite)

Strengths and experience:

  • Candidate should have some experience working across cultures preferably in the Asian region
  • Candidate should be prepared to do simple and basic mapping at short notice for the purpose of meetings

Candidate should be able to travel to regional countries for site visits and be able to lead discussions and present information in a professional manner.

Contract: 12 months duration

How to apply?
Send your CV and Covering Letter to hr@wwf.sg as one file subject line: Application for Tiger landscape GIS & Mapping expert Position.  We will not accept applications without CV and Covering Letter.