Wild Futures is the UK charity with the holistic approach that combines an educational, environmental and sustainability remit dedicated to promoting the welfare, conservation and survival of our closest living relatives, the non-human primates; working to end the primate trade and abuse of primates in captivity, promoting the rehabilitation of captive primates and the preservation of those in the wild, whilst operating The Monkey Sanctuary for primates in need of a long term home.

We have two vacancies for experienced primate caregivers:


Experienced Primate Caregiver  (Full time 37.5 hours pw, permanent)

Salary: From £18,500pa dependent on experience, 30 days a/l leave pa, rising over 5 years, opportunities for skills secondment
Accommodation provided in shared household on site.
Reporting to: Primate Care Manager

Summary of Role: 

The Wild Futures Sanctuary currently houses primates consisting of capuchin monkeys (Cebus and Sapajus sp), common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus), Barbary macaques (Macaca sylvanus) and woolly monkeys (Lagothrix sp). The majority of the residents are victims of the exotic pet trade in the UK.

Members of the care team are responsible for all aspects of daily care, working together to enhance and improve the lives of the primates at the Sanctuary. All members are required to work with all primate species housed at the Sanctuary as well as help support other aspects of the charity’s work if required.

 AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: (additional responsibilities may be added as appropriate):

Key Responsibilities:

    • all aspects of daily care for the resident primates (diet preparation, feeding, preparing and giving medication, cleaning enclosures, creating enrichment)
    • monitoring the health and wellbeing of the primates in your care
    • caring for the special needs of primates with various health conditions such as diabetes
    • planning and conducting primate socializations
    • inputting ideas for the continual progression and development of animal husbandry and environment
    • conducting behavioural observations
    • record keeping using a database system
    • Able to work around the animals in a respectful and calm manner
    • Assist and support the Primate Care Manager and if necessary, in the manager’s absence, work effectively with team to support excellent animal welfare
    • Responsible for supervising and mentoring volunteers and interns
    • Ensuring volunteers and interns are provided with clear direction and instruction, guiding activities and behaviours
    • Inspiring volunteers and interns as a positive role model
    • Speaking to members of the public on open days in an informative, positive and respectful manner as ambassadors of the Sanctuary
    • Stock taking and the ordering of supplies
    • Supports the shift working arrangements in place and is prepared to cover shifts when necessary staying overnight at the Sanctuary
    • Supports general grounds maintenance, household duties and territory maintenance as required
    • Compliance with all relevant health and safety protocols and relevant HR materials including but limited to safeguarding.  Includes, but not limited to emergency procedures, risk assessments and safe working practices

Team Player:

  • Respect for, and commitment to, the vision, mission and values of Wild Futures
  • Interacts positively with the team, respects the views and opinions of others and engages positively with people from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures
  • Sees where support may be required and openly offers and provides it
  • Works collaboratively and builds positive working relationships
  • Appreciates the bigger picture – pragmatic and reasoned
  • Looks for common ground and goals to support the team
  • Doesn’t allow ego to undermine the success of the role
  • Able to be flexible and adapt to new situations as they arise

Background & Qualifications:


  • At least five years’ experience working with primates in an animal sanctuary, rescue centre or similar environment
  • Experience working with capuchins and callitrichids
  • Good communication skills, confident and articulate, fluent in English language
  • Proven ability to multi-task and prioritise, remaining calm under pressure
  • Physically fit and be able to work outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions
  • Due to the lengthy training process, a commitment of at least two years is expected
  • Possess a valid driving licence
  • Permission to work in the UK


  • Experience of managing a small team of volunteers or interns preferably in similar environment
  • Veterinary care knowledge would be highly useful
  • Degree in zoology or related field OR equivalent on-the-job experience in lieu of degree
  • Experience working in a wildlife hospital
  • A valid firearms licence and / or darting experience

Outcomes & Targets Associated with this role:

  • Provide a valuable contribution in developing and maintaining the high welfare standards of the Sanctuary
  • Successful and collaborative working relationship with team and colleagues which supports the delivery of charity goals, objectives and vision.


Please send CV and covering letter to:

Kim Nicholson: kim_nicholson@wildfutures.org


Wild Futures, The Monkey Sanctuary, Looe, Cornwall, PL13 1NZ