Internships are available in the horticulture department at Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary (NWS). Interns will aid in plant identification and botanical inventories, propagation, garden design and planting, maintenance, invasive removal and all other duties related to ecological horticulture. In addition to the work at NWS interns will have the ability to attend classes, go on field trips, and design and complete an intern project.


  • Ability to identify plants using a botanical key
  • Experience with propagation, horticulture, gardening, or farming
  • Experience with invasive removal
  • Preference will be given to those individuals enrolled in an environmental science degree
  • Ability to work in inclement weather including buggy conditions and hot, cold or wet weather
  • Ability to handle strenuous manual labor associated with outdoor work.

The Gardens at Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary

Centered in the 75 acre core of the Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary the gardens are examples of the value native plants offer to the field of horticulture. Ranging from high and dry sites, to swamps, to rich woodlands the gardens are welcoming, beautiful and above all valuable wildlife habitat chock full of both common and rare native species. A large proportion of those species planted at NWS are grown on site in our greenhouse and stock beds before being moved to permanent places within the gardens.

Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary:

The Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1939 by Arthur D. Norcross. Its present area includes thousands of acres of wooded hills, ponds and streams. It is maintained by the Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc. whose purpose is the conservation of wildlife and the active practice of conservation for the benefit of the public. This includes propagation of native plants, the preservation of birds and wildlife and the conservation of land and water.