he Sea Turtle Conservation Program-Associate Biologist will support the completion of all activities as listed in the Marine Turtle Permit held by Clearwater Marine Aquarium. The incumbent will adhere to all policies outlined in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Marine Turtle Conservation Handbook, Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) Employee Handbook, CMA Sea Turtle Conservation Program Manual, and all city, state and federal regulations in a collaborative effort to complete FWC-authorized activities each sea turtle nesting season. The primary responsibility of this position is to contribute to the completion and documentation of sea turtle nesting surveys, including, but not limited to, locating evidence of all nocturnal and daytime nesting activity, nest marking, monitoring and evaluations within the survey area, and for regulatory projects, as they may apply, during the seasonal nesting season (April-October). The incumbent will also contribute to regular data entry and maintenance. The incumbent will be responsible for maintenance and storage of equipment, maintaining supply inventories, and communicating needs to the Supervisor. They will also be responsible for regular vehicle maintenance and cleanliness. Regular tasks may also include educating internal and external customers, public speaking, and participating in PR promotions. These job responsibilities will require the Biologist to maintain flexible working hours, be amenable to shifting priorities and other changes, and be able to adjust accordingly.


  • Assist with the daily completion of sea turtle nesting surveys within the survey area in compliance with FWC Marine Turtle Conservation Handbook, city, state and federal laws, and CMA policies (April-October)
  • Work with authorized personnel to complete all aspects of nesting surveys, including, but not limited to:
  • Identify and document all sea turtle nesting activities within the survey area
  • Mark all nest sites
  • Document all evidence of predation, human disturbance and nest hatching
  • Enter all data into Excel database
  • Once surveys are complete, communicate with municipal entities in a professional manner to allow mechanical beach cleaning to occur
  • Conduct nest evaluations
  • Assess and document all obstructed nesting attempts, and submit appropriate forms to FWC
  • Assess and document all disorientation events, and submit appropriate forms to FWC
  • Ensure the safe release of, or transport of hatchlings found within the survey area, as instructed by Supervisor, Senior Biologist and FWC
  • Assist with proper night monitoring of nests outfitted with restraining cages, silt screens, or any additional protection measures, as approved by FWC
  • Assisting with response to and documentation of sea turtle stranding events within the survey area
  • Assist with accurate data collection and database management
  • Assist with the completion of weekly escarpment surveys
  • Assist with the completion of all required reports by deadlines identified in the FWC Marine Turtle Permit, FWC Marine Turtle Conservation Handbook, and any contracts with Pinellas County or for regulatory projects
  • Assist with the training of volunteers and interns to locate, identify and document all sea turtle nesting activity within the survey area, to include pre-season and during-season training
  • Assist with the preparation of, and participate in, various educational outreach opportunities
  • Assist with the inventory and storage of all equipment and supplies needed for the Sea Turtle Conservation Program
  • Responsible for the safe operation of CMA vehicles while on the beach, and traveling to and from CMA
  • Assist with vehicle cleaning, maintenance, service transport and completion of vehicle inspections
  • Understand, enforce, and assist with the improvement of all standard operating procedures (SOPs) in the Sea Turtle Conservation Program
  • Assist with research projects as needed
  • Assist with the implementation of money generating programs involving the Sea Turtle Conservation Program
  • Assist various CMA departments by providing information for various media outlets, both in-house (CMA Facebook, blogposts, etc.) and for external outlets (TV, print, radio, etc.)
  • Perform other duties as needed


  • Strong communication skills, both oral and written, and an ability to comfortably interact with the public on a regular basis
  • Be able to maintain positive working relationships with all internal and external entities, including, but not limited to, staff, volunteers, interns, and municipal, county, state and federal employees at all times
  • Capable of working in a high stress work environment
  • Experience with data entry and maintenance
  • Basic knowledge of MS Office, including Word, Excel, Power point and Outlook
  • Ability to work flexible schedule, including nights, weekends and holidays
  • Experience with the safe operation of four-wheel drive vehicles and all-terrain vehicles
  • Strong time management skills, with an ability to plan, organize, and prioritize multiple tasks at once
  • Be adaptable in a fast-paced environment
  • Self-motivated, confident and disciplined with excellent work ethic
  • Be able to work independently, as well as in a group setting


  • Possess, or be in the process of earning, a Bachelors Degree in Biology, Marine Biology, Environmental Science, Zoology, or related field
  • Must have a minimum of one season of experience, paid or unpaid, performing sea turtle nesting surveys in Florida
  • Preference may be given to candidates who have paid sea turtle nesting survey experience
  • Preference may be given to candidates who have documented multiple species of sea turtles
  • Must know and understand the FWC Marine Turtle Conservation Handbook
  • Must possess a valid drivers license