Osa Conservation is looking for a Rewilding Economic Analyst. This is a contract position with a duration of 6 months. The goal of this consultancy is to conduct an economic analysis and produce a technical report on the cost and value of rewilding three megafauna species in the Osa region, southwest Costa Rica.


The Osa Peninsula, in southern Costa Rica, is home to a diverse wildlife community, where viable populations of megafauna remain despite threats of habitat loss and poaching. These wildlife populations include the apex predator – the Jaguar and their prey source and ecosystem engineers – the white-lipped peccary, the endangered Central American spider monkey, and Baird’s tapir. Despite conservation successes to preserve these species, some megafauna species have been completely lost or are missing in parts of the region. These species include the giant anteater that was last recorded in Costa Rica almost 20 years ago, the harpy eagle that was last seen in the Osa region in 2008 and the white-lipped Peccary, whose mega herds inhabit Corcovado National Park and surrounding areas, but have been lost from Osa’s second national park – Piedras Blancas.

Rewilding these species will not only return lost biodiversity but re-establish vital ecological interactions that Osa’s rainforests are currently missing. Prior to executing rewilding it is key to gather scientific information on population distribution and records history, understand social perspectives and assess the economics associated with rewilding those species in this region.

Osa Conservation seeks a consultant to assess rewilding the giant anteater, harpy eagle, and white-lipped peccary in the Osa Peninsula. Osa Conservation is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to protecting the globally significant biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula. Our work leverages lasting social and environmental benefits by combining habitat restoration and protection, community conservation, wildlife monitoring led by science.


The objective of this consultancy is to conduct an economic analysis and produce a technical report on the cost and value of rewilding three megafauna species in the Osa region, southwest Costa Rica:

1) Rewilding the white-lipped peccary into Piedras Blancas National Park

2) Rewilding the giant anteater into Corcovado National Park

3) Rewilding the  harpy eagle in the Osa Peninsula

Consultant Requirements

  • The consultant must have a degree in Environmental Economics, or related fields and at least 5 years of proven and relative experience.
  • This contract can be executed remotely with a site visit, where costs are covered by Osa Conservation if required.
  • The technical reports must include the economic costs and benefits of rewilding each of the focal species in the proposed areas, including a breakdown of costs (the expenditure of the different steps of rewilding that species) and economic value after rewilding.
  • The technical report should also consider the Costa Rican laws and permits for rewilding each species, to include all the legal steps and costs to be taken to execute rewilding in the Osa.

Contract duration

We are looking for someone to start immediately (no later than 1st April 2022) with outcomes and products complete by 1st October, 2022 (6-months).


To apply please send a CV, cover letter, proposed work plan and a quote for your services to hr@osaconservation.org with subject line “Rewilding Economic Analyst” by the 19th March 2022. Only successful applicants continuing to the interview stage will be contacted.