Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District (LSWCD) is hiring a Watershed Restoration Technician to work with a team under the general supervision of the MidCoast Watersheds Council Coordinator and LSWCD Program Specialists. Technicians will work 30-40 hours per week to prepare and maintain habitat restoration projects, plant native trees/shrubs and install associated herbivory protection cages and riparian fencing at habitat restoration projects located throughout the MidCoast region. The Technician will also control noxious weeds on projects with various manual, mechanical, and chemical (herbicide) tools under the supervision of a licensed herbicide applicator. Work is often on difficult terrain.

Job Duties:

Job duties include:

  • Moving and transporting bare-root and potted plant stock, metal fence rolls, power equipment, fenceposts and other associated materials from storage to remote field sites;
  • Planting bare-root and potted native trees, shrubs and willow stakes carefully, according to a planting plan, and incorporating weed suppression or geotextile fabric and other protection devices;
  • Controlling the spread of invasive plant species using mechanical, manual, and chemical methods.
  • Handling and applying approved herbicides to noxious weeds at project sites.
  • Building and installing plant protective metal cages and supportive posts (techniques will be trained).
  • Handling gas-powered earth augers and power trimmers for planting site preparation, and occasionally hand digging holes for wider potted stock.
  •  Carrying materials weighing up to 50 lbs. for distances over 50 ft., and using power equipment weighing up to 50 lbs. is common;
  • Working outdoors in a team setting, sharing duties, observing safety protocols and maintaining a professional attitude on private property are required.


  • Preference will be given to applicants that can illustrate applicable work experience that demonstrates
    physical and mental capacity to perform the Job Duties, and
  • Knowledge of or ability to identify Pacific Northwest native and invasive plant species, specifically
    Oregon Coastal species.
  • Have a truck with towing capacity (and operating towing hitch) of approximately 3,000 lbs. to pull a
    Lincoln SWCD trailer (5x10ft) with materials.
  • Preference will also be given to individuals who possess an Oregon Pesticide Apprentice or Public

Applicator’s license.


  • Candidates must be at least 18 years old.
  • Candidates must be physically fit and demonstrate through past work experience the ability to handle the Job Duties. Heavy lifting, physical exertion, work on hands and knees, and performing repetitive planting tasks across project landscapes in coastal winter weather will be a major part of this position.
  • Candidates must have a valid Oregon Driver’s license and ability to travel to office or project sites as needed.
  • Must be able to acquire an Oregon Pesticide Apprentice License within one month of start date.