As a restoration field technician, you will spend your days working as a team outside, actively enhancing and maintaining natural areas. Activities can include mechanically controlling for invasive vegetation, mulching and planting native trees and shrubs. You will also support monitoring activities including taking water quality measurements, completing fish and invertebrate surveys and assessing vegetation growth to help determine how restoration sites are establishing over time and supporting biodiversity. You may also contribute to community engagement activities and other related operational tasks.


The nature of this job is outside and requires physical agility to maintain restoration projects, plant and enhance waterways, guard vegetation from herbivory impact and monitor for fish, water quality and invertebrates. The ideal candidate will have minor carpentry and physical labour job experiences, and have basic understanding of the conservation values of the Fraser Valley. If you like being outside rain or shine, enjoy working as part of a team and want to learn more about conservation and restoration, this could be the entry-level job for you!



  • Maintaining FVWC’s code of conduct
  • Provision of willow and cottonwood whips for FVWC plantings.
  • Assistance with site preparation work including invasive plant control, seeding, and mulching
  • Assistance with plant layout for volunteer plantings
  • Planting trees and shrubs and installing beaver guards on sites during/after volunteer plantings
  • Ongoing maintenance work including invasive plant control, beaver guard repair, and replacement of dead plants
  • Take photos before and after documenting each site
  • Ensuring proper use, care and storage of FVWC field equipment
  • Assisting FVWC with water quality and fish monitoring
  • Other tasks as assigned


  • General outreach and community event attendance.
  • Participate in community events to promote FVWC projects, environments sustainability and healthy watersheds
  • Attend meeting and events on behalf of the FVWC



  • Previous field work experience
  • Previous landscaping experience
  • Previous experience with gas powered tools
  • Knowledge and identification of native flora and fauna
  • An understanding of local watershed challenges in the eastern Fraser Valley

Skills & Abilities:

  • Minor carpentry skills
  • Ability to organize daily workload by priorities
  • Must be able to meet deadlines in a fast-paced quickly changing environment
  • Ability to work well under seasonal peak periods and in changing environmental situations
  • Ability to work well within a team environment


  • Grade 12
  • Post secondary education in biology, geography or ecological restoration would be an asset