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As a student in Portugal, a conversation with botanist Jorge Paiva spurred Sara Barrios to apply for an internship that led her to the Herbarium at Kew Gardens. Some 16 years later, fresh from fieldwork in the British Virgin Islands, Sara spoke to me about her role as Conservation Partnership Coordinator for the UK Overseas'
Do you love learning about the natural world and have a sense of adventure? Do you wish you could get out from behind a screen, step out of your comfort zone, and step into wild nature? You can! Natucate is an agency that specialises in organising projects for nature travel, wilderness experiences, voluntary work, internships,'
In early 2022, Conservation Careers Director Dr Nick Askew, Head of Community Dr Fernando Mateos-González, and I recorded a podcast titled ‘Career-changing moments’ – about the moments that completely changed our careers. Ever since that conversation, this question keeps popping into my mind… In our careers (and life), is it better to swim or float?
Gain key skills in managing and designing conservation projects using the Conservation Standards – the leading approach within the sector. Conservation Project Management & Design is an online training programme brought to you by the team at Conservation Careers which follows the best-in-class Conservation Standards methodology. It is being taught by Certified Conservation Standards Coach,
In this episode we’re speaking with Dr Kate Evans – Founder and Director of Elephants for Africa. She is an award-winning behavioural ecologist and conservation biologist, with over 25 years of experience in running wildlife research and conservation projects. Since establishing the charity Elephants for Africa in 2007, Kate has been responsible for funding their'
Tomos is the Head of International Programmes at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT), an international conservation charity based in the UK. Read on to discover Tomos’ motivations for conserving nature, the benefit of understanding your own skillset, and the future of conservation. What led you to your current position at WWT? I studied Biology
When wildlife is in decline the world over, how do we raise more funds for conservation, and ensure these funds are spent to have the greatest impact locally? Today’s guest thinks she has found the answer. Jade Brudenell is the Executive Director of the Conservation Collective, an organisation with a mission to increase the amount
Did you know that 88% of conservationists rely on fundraising? In a sector dominated by charities, the majority of conservation projects are funded by donors. These can include large grants secured from governments and foundations to smaller donations via public campaigns, appeals, events and membership drives. Whether it’s conserving frogs in Ghana, or reintroducing Bears
In many parts of the world, it’s that time of year again! In this episode we discuss what it’s like to study and work within academia, how to survive it, enjoy it and more..! Joining our host Dr Nick Askew is Dr Fernando Mateos-González of Bioblogía – or Nando he’s often known – and Dr
One conservation job, 600 applicants. Even for a notoriously competitive sector, it seems an impossibly high number. But during Covid 19, we heard from two conservation employers who received over 500 and 600 applicants each for single job openings. High volumes of applications are most common for highly-appealing entry-level and early career roles, where there
Turn your ideas into reality and have more impact in your career by learning valuable skills in conservation fundraising. Fundraising for Conservation Projects is an online training programme brought to you by the team at Conservation Careers and is taught by multi-award-winning conservationist, and CEO of Elephants for Africa, Dr Kate Evans. The course will'
“You don’t have to be David Attenborough or be able to tell the difference between a Crocodile or Alligator to make a difference in conservation” Ryan Parker has a vision; he wants everyone around the world to join together to help tackle the biggest issues of our time, namely: climate change and the biodiversity crisis.
To have an impact as a conservationist, you need fundraising skills in order to turn your ideas into reality.  In a sector dominated by charities, the majority of conservation projects are therefore funded by donors, who provide an estimated 90 billion pounds in funding each year.  These include large grants secured from governments, foundations and'
As a career switcher, I have a very personal understanding of the misconceptions that surround working in the conservation sector, especially when it comes to ‘breaking into conservation’. I can relate to that feeling of despair brought on by the natural assumption that the only way in is to go via the costly and time-consuming
From miniature alligators with habitat-helping burrowing abilities, to specially adapted fish-eaters who can indicate how healthy a river is, a new ZSL-led study shows what the world is set to lose if crocodilians are not urgently protected.  Creating shelter for other animals through unique burrow systems and crunching down on invasive, agricultural pests are just