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In the realm of nature conservation, few individuals possess the dedication and passion exhibited by Maggie Muurmans, a lecturer that teaches on the Master of Conservation Biology at the University of Queensland, Australia. Aside from teaching and pursuing a PhD in community engagement, Maggie is also the co-founder of the NGO Ocean Connect based on
In this special conversation we’re celebrating the 100th episode of the Conservation Careers Podcast! The Conservation Careers Podcast was launched on 21st June 2018, and over the past five years we’ve talked to so many different people within the conservation sector, played with the format and enjoyed the ride. We’re proud to say that we’ve
Did you know that 88% of conservationists rely on fundraising? In a sector dominated by charities, the majority of conservation projects are funded by donors. These can include large grants secured from governments and foundations to smaller donations via public campaigns, appeals, events and membership drives. Whether it’s conserving frogs in Ghana, or reintroducing Bears
“I never thought I’d ever have a role in the environmental sector, but now I have a range of new skills and a much greater understanding of the state of the natural world.” Jessica Birabil came to Synchronicity Earth originally on a paid two-week work experience placement through our partner Voyage Youth. Her enthusiasm to'
Lindsey Harris is the Head of Wildlife Trade at Fauna & Flora, a wildlife conservation charity which works with partners in over 40 countries to preserve habitats, protect endangered species and improve the livelihoods of local communities. She is the ultimate career switcher, identifying the aspects of jobs she enjoys most early on and expertly
Turn your ideas into reality and have more impact in your career by learning valuable skills in conservation fundraising. Fundraising for Conservation Projects is an online training programme brought to you by the team at Conservation Careers and is taught by multi-award-winning conservationist, and CEO of Elephants for Africa, Dr Kate Evans. The course will
This podcast episode’s guest is a good friend and someone I’ve wanted to get on the show since day one. Described as the real-life Indiana Jones, Niall McCann is a TV Presenter, Explorer, and Biologist.  Niall has travelled the planet on biological expeditions in some of the most remote parts of the globe, and joins'
I first met Dung Nguyen Van, Free the Bears Vietnam Programme Manager, in Cat Tien National Park (Vietnam) in 2017. He was very much a man on a mission as the brand-new bear sanctuary was due to open that July, and his pride for what they had achieved was unmistakable. What I didn’t realise was
Claire Adler came to Synchronicity Earth with a lifelong interest in conservation, a lot of anxiety about climate change – and a degree in medieval English literature. Claire shares how studying our past, from peat bogs to the origins of colonialism, taught her the skills and perspectives she needed to start her career in conservation.
Katie Propp is an ecologist and wildlife educator, currently working as the Conservation Education Director at Penguins International. With 18 years of experience in the field of wildlife conservation, Katie shares her tips and tricks in delivering effective science communication, as well as her advice for landing your very own dream job with wildlife. Katie’s'
Originally from Michigan, USA, David Mills has had a long relationship with Africa and mammalian carnivores since the 2000s. He started his conservation career in 2002, volunteering and working with cheetahs, leopards, and human wildlife conflict. Years later, for his PhD, David studied African golden cats in Uganda, a species which no one had studied,
In this very special episode of the podcast, we take you behind the scenes of our NEW Conservation Pathway Programme. The Conservation Pathway Programme is designed to help career switchers like you discover how to confidently switch your career to conservation with expert guidance and support. In this episode I’m joined by Starlight Mundy, Business
Are you tired of feeling like a cog in the corporate machine, longing to make a real difference with your work? Your dream career in conservation is closer than you think. It’s possible to have a rewarding career and meaningful work in the world – without spending a bunch of money on education you don’t
Are you waking up to a job that doesn’t bring you joy because it’s not making a positive difference in the world? Do you wish you could have a conservation career that creates a legacy of positive impact but don’t know where to start? If you’re like most career switchers, you may have no idea
How do you switch careers from something entirely unrelated to wildlife and start to carve out a role for yourself in the conservation sector? How do you find your purpose, network effectively, get training support and secure high-quality experiences which can transform your work? In this episode, guest Edward Sanders discusses how he overcame these