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What’s worse than a rejection when applying for a conservation job? Silence. It’s waiting days (or weeks or months) in limbo without knowing… If your application was received? If you were competitive? If small changes could help your chances? One of the biggest challenges conservation job seekers report is lack of response and feedback from
In this episode we’re revisiting an important discussion within conservation, and something which may affect you. Namely, barriers to entry which make it difficult to pursue careers for women, people of colour, indigenous people, and other under-represented groups. To discuss this in detail today is Lynn Mento, the CEO of new organisation Conservation Nation. Conservation
Professor Amy Dickman is a conservation biologist at the University of Oxford who was recently appointed as the new Director of the University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU). Amy has a particular interest in resolving conflict between humans and large carnivores, and has spent many years working alongside communities in Africa to consider solutions which
Are you intrigued by how living things interact with each other and their environment? Would you like to study these interactions at the level of individual beings, groups or ecosystems? Find out how to become an ecologist and start your wild career! As an ecologist, you could help advance conservation biology; manage natural resources through
As we start a new year, we’re incredibly excited to officially welcome a new member to our team at Conservation Careers, Dr Fernando Mateos-González! Fernando, or Nando as he’s often known, is our new Head of Community, who’ll be leading our growing online community of aspiring and professional conservationists. Read on to get to know
The media is full of images and stories of the wonderful side of conservation, including field work, research, travel, being outdoors and working closely with wildlife. But what is working in conservation really like? Joining our host Dr Nick Askew is Head of Community, Dr Fernando Mateos-González – or Nando he’s often known – and
We know that carbon in the atmosphere is increasing at an unsustainable rate, and that half of all native tress on earth have been felled.   This is having impacts on our lives, and on wildlife globally.   Recent studies have also shown that we have nearly a billion hectares of land suitable for ecosystem restoration.   That’s space for one TRILLION trees capturing around 30% of the excess carbon in
After combining his love of surfing and science to study marine biology, Oliver Clements trained in computer programming, and now works as a GIS expert on remotely sensed Earth observation data. He looks at the planet’s oceans from satellite data to detect patterns in everything from plankton volumes to sea surface temperature. The main barrier
Getting started can be hard. Don’t go it alone. Start your career in wildlife conservation with our unique programme of training, support community & jobs!
Misty MacDuffee is a biologist and program director with the Wild Salmon Program of British Columbia, Canada’s Raincoast Conservation Foundation. She focuses on fisheries ecology in salmon ecosystems; for the past 15 years she has led diverse studies examining the salmon of the BC coast, including field, lab, technical, and conservation evaluation. With the knowledge
In 2021, Conservation Careers celebrated its eighth year helping conservationists achieve career success. We’re proud to say that we supported nearly 700,000 conservationists this year on their path to helping wildlife thrive. 2021 has been quite a ride, but we’ve seen lots of momentum building. Many aspiring conservationists, career switchers and professional conservationists have used
When I embarked on my journey into conservation, Che’s bright, beautiful, and catchy posts on Instagram immediately caught my eye. His content spoke to me in a way that is fun, relatable and oh so powerful. His engaging content is exactly how people like to connect with nature; a light read, a funny quip to
Most professional conservationists recommend conservation internships and volunteering when starting or switching careers into conservation. But how can you choose a high quality, career-boosting experience, especially if you have limited time or money? Get your copy of our latest free downloadable guide to find the right internship or volunteering opportunity for you!
Conservation Careers is a huge team effort involving nearly 50 people including writers, researchers, teachers, communicators, editors and many more. It’s thanks to this team that we’ve been able to support nearly 700,000 conservationists in 2021 on their path to helping wildlife thrive.
What is the diversity deficit in conservation, and how can we tackle it? In this episode, we speak to Cade London, Diversity Joint Venture Program Manager with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Cade is a 5th generation Hawaiian, with a passion for conservation programs both in and out of government. Cade currently serves as