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Do you have an overzealous case of wanderlust AND a burning passion for conservation? Why not fuse them in an ecotourism career that offers the best of both worlds? In many ways, careers in ecotourism have it all: the opportunity to make a difference for wildlife, habitats and local communities; the adventure and excitement of'
Wildlife conservation is all about protecting and celebrating biodiversity. But, when we look at the industry’s workforce, we see a heart-breaking diversity deficit. Making work in the conservation sector accessible and equitable for all will require equally diverse solutions, and improving representation is a key step. “Nature is all about spectrums and understanding differences”. I'
“I don’t do pilates, I don’t do nails, I don’t do coffee with friends. All I do is my conservation group and my conservation work”. Despite studying a Bachelor of Science (Applied Sciences) and working as a physiotherapist specialising in paediatrics for many years, Lisa Harrold never lost sight of her true passion for conservation.
Conservation is about protecting the diversity of life on Earth – or ‘biodiversity’. But is protection enough? At Conservation Careers we believe that conservation should go beyond protection, to restoring and enhancing diversity. This form of ‘progressive conservation’ focusses on how to help ecosystems and landscapes recover after they’ve been degraded, damaged or destroyed. It'
Dr. Anne Savage didn’t plan to spend 40 years studying and trying to save the Cotton-top Tamarin in Colombia. After studying cotton-tops as a graduate student, she found that mobilizing communities was the only way to reverse forces leading to extinction and she helped found Proyecto Titi, a non-profit now run by Colombians. Here she
Which conservation job is right for me? Should I volunteer or intern? As a career switcher, do I need to start again? What skills do employers want? You have questions, and we have answers! Join Conservation Careers Director Dr Nick Askew and Head of Engagement Kristi Foster to learn how to quickly and easily start your career as a professional wildlife'
I remember as a student desperately trying to stay up to date with the latest conservation news to make my essays relevant and individual. I was feeling swamped by all the articles, news stories and journals I was advised to read regularly. As I now move into a career in communications, keeping up with emerging'
This blog has been adapted from the original version published on the MareCet Medium page (Flukes for Thought). When it comes to jobs relating to wildlife and the environment, conservation always seems to be the “it” thing to do. Conservation Careers names marine conservation to be the most ‘in demand’ job type to be listed on their site,
Many barriers can prevent you from landing a conservation job – but sometimes the biggest barriers are your own assumptions! Here are the top 10 mistakes people make when applying for conservation jobs, and what to do instead.'
Mara Huang is a Master’s student in Animal and Rangeland Science at University of Nevada in Reno, United States. Her focus is on rangelands and currently she is carrying out research on Snowstorm Kochia, a non-native plant species in the Western US. Her field work positions as a technician and field crew lead in several
In recent years business leaders and board rooms across the globe have put sustainability and environmental towards the very top of their priorities.  In response an industry is forming rapidly to service their needs, both in house or as consultants. With generalist and specialist roles evolving all the time to keep up with the growing'
Isidoro Hazbun is a conservationist whose career focuses on preserving biodiversity, and empowering communities of the Amazon rainforest that have protected some of the wildest places on earth for centuries. Many people enter careers in conservation as they want to work with wildlife and are driven by their love for animals or natural habitats. These'
In 2021, Ryan Eddowes and Amber Stanley set up Our Cities Wild Islands, an environmental service aiming to rewild green areas within cities, encouraging nature to thrive. Rewilding activities are conservation efforts aimed at restoring and protecting natural processes and wilderness areas, whilst creating a balance between people and the environment. While projects may start
Does it feel like you need to be a superhuman to land a conservation job? If you’re among the 85% of conservation job seekers suffering from application burn-out without seeing results, chances are you’re not using evidence to your advantage. Evidence is the single most powerful tool you can use to land a conservation job, but fewer than 10%
To master… or not to master? If you’re starting or switching your career into conservation, we know it can be a tough question! That’s why we’ve created this ultimate guide with information, answers and advice to help guide you through your decision. Download your copy to get started!