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Does this sound familiar? You’re struggling to break into the notoriously competitive conservation sector, yet you can’t get ANY feedback from employers to learn how to improve your job applications? Lack of feedback from conservation employers is one of the biggest challenges and frustrations conservationists face when applying for conservation jobs. “Often I have all
Whether your next career step is training, research, an experience or a project, we’ve reviewed some of the top conservation scholarships around the world to help you make it a reality. We know that money can be a big barrier, especially early in your career, and sometimes even prevent talented conservationists from pursuing and growing
Did you know that about 90% of conservation job applications are of ‘poor quality’, and that nearly 85% of conservationists are burnt-out from applying to conservation jobs unsuccessfully? Many barriers can stop you from landing a conservation job – but sometimes the biggest barriers are your own assumptions. Here are the 10 biggest mistakes people
Are you submitting job applications without results? Are you amidst the nearly 85% of conservationists who are experiencing job application fatigue? Would you like to stop the cycle of application burnout and start landing jobs? We’re on a mission to help conservationists achieve career success, and we want to help YOU produce a stand-out application
Are you feeling alone in your conservation job hunt? Does it seem like the job applications you’ve poured time, energy and passion into disappear into an abyss, only leading to rejection? Are you lacking support, guidance or even simple feedback from employers to know what might be going wrong? We bet that, like 85% of
Getting experience – whether volunteering, interning or even starting your own project – can do a lot for you in the early stages of your career. It can help you understand yourself, test drive different options, grow your network, demonstrate your passion and commitment to prospective employers, build your skillset and make you more employable.
Christin is one of those rare people in life who you feel totally humbled and awed by, but, in equal measures, she is so down to earth and relatable that you feel that you could easily follow her footsteps into conservation with the right mindset and passion – although she will convince you to seek
Do you have the right skills and experience but you’re struggling to land an interview? Are you unsure how to showcase your skills as a student, graduate or career switcher? Do you feel hopeless or alone in your job search? We know that conservation can be a very competitive sector and that knowing how to
Known for their ability to mimic humans, the Philippine cockatoo can talk, sing, and even dance, making these intelligent and beautiful parrots a much sought-after pet. However, poaching, together with habitat loss, are driving the species to the brink of extinction. With a once-thriving population over the Philippine archipelago, their numbers have dropped by a
Have you ever been busy all day but at the end of the day when you look back and ask yourself what you got done you can’t really think of anything? Would you like to enjoy the clarity of mind of knowing at every moment exactly what you need to get done? Learn how to optimise
Greta Francesca lori is the Director of Program Development for the Elephant Protection Initiative Foundation and advises various African governments, International Organisations and NGOs on issues of wildlife crime and conservation. We discussed the importance of trusting your gut instinct and championing small wins. Could you explain what your role is now? I would say
As conservationists, one thing we’ve seen a lot of on the news in recent years is forest fires. Huge blazes in Australia, California, the Amazon razing forests to the ground and decimating wildlife unlucky enough to be in its path. Today we’re speaking with someone who works on the front line as an expert on fires and forest ecology within California. Dr Hugh Safford is
Ethno-conservationist and marine biologist Adjany Costa never expected to be in a political position, but she can now impressively introduce herself as Adviser to the President of Angola for Environmental Affairs and, in her previous position, the youngest Minister in Angolan history. We discussed her job responsibilities, motives for working in conservation and work with local communities. What steps did you take to get to
Anna Wearn is the Director of Government Affairs at the Center for Large Landscape Conservation in the US, where she engages with decision makers and stakeholders to advance policies that improve habitat connectivity. We discussed the many benefits associated with habitat connectivity, as well as Anna’s experience educating the public about climate change and her
Have you ever considered working as an environmental consultant?   Do you know what one is and does, and what skills they are looking for?  Today we’re speaking to Nancy Thomson, who’s the Director and founder of Thomson Environmental Consultants – a very well known name within the industry Nancy has set up two consultancies already.