How to Apply for Any Conservation Job

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Applications Can Be Hard, Don't Go It Alone

Loneliness. Knowledge gaps. No peer group for support. No direct access to experts. Relentless distractions. Fear of rejection. Burn-out.

Job seekers, applying for conservation jobs, battle these struggles every day. These struggles can lead to unfocused action, wasted time, poor decision making, and feelings of overwhelm. Sometimes it can feel like you need to be a superhuman to succeed in the conservation sector. Faced with these struggles, it’s no wonder why 85% of job seekers suffer burn-out, and often fall short of securing their dream jobs.

Applying for jobs is not easy, and success cannot be guaranteed. But the probability of success – securing a paid job within the conservation sector – can be dramatically improved by following a proven step-by-step process, joining forces with others who share similar goals, and enjoying the support of the experts at Conservation Careers.

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Introducing ‘How to Apply for Any Conservation Job’

‘How to Apply for Any Conservation Job’ is a totally new course designed by Conservation Careers to lead you through our proven step-by-step process for crafting successful job applications. We know what employers are looking for, and have developed a system for making high-quality CVs, resumes, cover letters and application forms. 

Through the self-paced course you’ll get a clear understanding of how to successfully apply for any conservation job. No confusion. No ambiguity. Telling you EXACTLY what to do. Walking you through the entire process.

After completing the course you’ll be able to create high-quality job applications that significantly increase your chances of landing interviews.

Land more interviews

Produce a stand-out application designed to get you an interview, from scratch.

Stop the cycle of application burnout and focus on starting your conservation career.

Identify strengths you underestimated and learn how to showcase them confidently.

Master a system for success that you can apply to ANY job application in your career.

Make the #1 career advice centre for conservationists your digital coach.

Get support, feedback and inspiration from a global community of conservationists.

"It’s such a shame when someone is a great fit for a job, but they don’t know how to create high-quality job applications that gets them interviews!"

Dr Nick Askew
Director - Conservation Careers

Inside ‘How to Apply for Any Conservation Job’

‘How to Apply for Any Conservation Job’ is a comprehensive programme of training, support and jobs designed to land you more interviews. Within the programme are three career-boosting elements as follows…


How to Apply for Any Conservation Job

Follow our proven step-by-step system to land more jobs.

Support Community

CC Pro

Join our private CC Pro community for support, events, networking & more.


The Conservation Careers Job Board

Enjoy full access to the world’s biggest conservation job board.

Your Career Support Team

Dr Nick Askew

Nick is the Founder and Director of Conservation Careers and holds a PhD in the behavioural ecology of Barn Owls. He is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

As a professional conservationist over the past 20 years he has worked across the Academic, Private, Public, Charity and Enterprise sectors.

During his career, he has raised over £2,500,000 for conservation projects across 120 countries to help threatened species and habitats. Recently, he has helped thousands of people into their dream conservation job.

Since establishing Conservation Careers he has helped thousands of aspiring and practicing conservationists in their careers. He’ll be your lead course guide and can’t wait to help you get your conservation career on track!

Kristi Foster

Kristi is the Head of Engagement at Conservation Careers and has a Master´s in Conservation Biology.

Since joining Conservation Careers in 2019 she’s coached over 100 conservationists 1:1 to improve their job applications.

Her conservation work has led over the past 7 years to Africa, UK, Australia and Latin America in everything from field work and environmental education to project management and communications.

She has worked for Ecotourism Australia, Fauna & Flora International (UK) and the World Agroforestry Centre (Kenya) and is looking forward to helping you along on your career path!


This is a course for anyone who's applying for jobs in the conservation sector.

This includes job seekers, career switchers, students and career climbers.


This is a course for anyone who’s applying for jobs in the conservation sector. This includes job seekers, career switchers, students and career climbers.​

Job Seekers

Are you currently hunting for a conservation job but struggling? Perhaps you’re feeling burnt out or even hopeless / and aren’t sure what might be going wrong.

We’ll walk you through the process of how to craft applications that make you stand out from the crowd.

We’ll teach you our proven system for how to create successful applications that get interviews.


Are you currently at university or college, and planning to try and find work in the conservation sector when you finish?
There’s no better time to start getting clear about how to apply for jobs upon graduation. 
We’ll help you to get the competitive edge, so employers see your value and invite you to interview.

Career Switchers

Have you always had a passion for wildlife and want to work in nature conservation, but don’t know how to transfer your skills?
You might be working in a totally unrelated field right now, and need some clarity on how to showcase your value to employers.
We’re here to help you explain your career to date to prospective employers within the conservation sector in a compelling way.

Career Climbers

Are you currently working in the conservation sector and planning your next career move?
Perhaps your CV or resume has been collecting dust and you need to polish your application skills.
We’ll walk you through our step-by-step process to produce applications that stand out and get interviews.

Training | How to Apply for Any Conservation Job

The programme is organized into 10 units as shown below. You can choose to work according to the pace of the units being released each week, which equates to about 1-2 hours per week, or do them entirely at your own pace. You have full access to the course for a full year, so there’s no rush.

Module 1 | Getting ready to apply

Unit 1 | Welcome

In this unit, we’ll welcome you to the course with a special live event. If you can’t make it we’ll send you a recording.

You’ll then record your application baseline before you start the course. This will be used to help you focus and record your progress.

You’ll then learn how to think more like a recruiter. By switching roles, you’ll enjoy reviewing an application to learn what’s needed to get shortlisted, and invited to interview.

Unit 2 | Plan for success

In this unit, you’ll start the process of building an application as part of the course. This can be an application you choose to submit, or just as an example to learn the process.

You’ll learn how to select the right job to apply for in the first instance. Giving you the best chance of success from the start.

You’ll then deconstruct a job advert, and learn how to contact the employer to ask questions. Helping you to apply with greater confidence, and to get on their radar early (in a good way).

Unit 3 | Identify your best evidence

In this unit, we’ll walk you through the key process of reviewing your career to date to identify all your best evidence that meets the employer’s criteria. 

A building block of any successful application, you’ll learn how to systematically review your paid, voluntary and educational experiences in order to discover the examples which will bring your application to life.

Unit 4 | Craft your career success stories

In this unit, you’ll learn how to use storytelling to present your evidence in a structured way.


Through our simple story-telling process, you’ll learn how to connect with the employer, making you memorable, and also showcasing how you can do the specific role in question. 

You’ll learn how to craft success stories and a mission statement for inclusion in your cover letter and CV or resume.

Module 2 | Building stand-out applications

Unit 5 | Cover Letters

Now you have everything you need to build your application, it’s time to write your cover letter. 

In this unit, you’ll learn how to craft a successful cover letter including the introduction and main body text. 

Showcasing your best success stories at a glance and motivating the employer to read your CV resume in more detail.

Unit 6 | CVs and Resumes

In this unit, you’ll learn how to easily and quickly craft CVs and resumes which clearly articulate how you’re well suited to the job you’re applying for – at a glance

You’ll craft your headline, education, experience and any additional sections to showcase all your success stories and best evidence.

Whether you’re switching your career into conservation, starting out or moving up, you’ll get a clear understanding of how to craft a document that increases your chances of getting to interviews.

Unit 7 | Nail the perfect design

CV or resume design can make or break an application, and in this unit you’ll review your options and implement your selected design.

If you’re not great with design, you’ll also learn the hacks used by successful job-seekers to make your application look as good as it can, using free tools and resources.

Unit 8 | Review and finalise

With your application drafted, in this unit you’ll learn how to review it quickly to ensure it clearly fits the employer’s criteria.

You’ll get 1:1 snapshot feedback from Conservation Careers and make any improvements to finalise your complete, high-quality application.

By the end of the unit, you’ll have a professional, stand-out application that you can submit to the employer. You’re ready to go!

BONUS Module 3 | Interviews

Unit 9 | Delivering successful interviews

Understand the key aspects of preparing for, and delivering, great interviews that get you hired. 

Learn how to showcase the career success stories you’ve prepared during your interview. We’ll also cover how to handle nerves and ensure you really shine on your special day.

By the end of the unit, you’ll know the process to follow to be fully prepared to deliver interviews that lead to job offers

Unit 10 | Commitments

In this final unit, we help you to reflect on what you’ve learnt, identify your next steps, and make a commitment to really make things happen. 

So you finish with a renewed sense of purpose, with clear direction and a roadmap to securing your next dream conservation job.

BONUS | Applications Guides & Templates

How to apply for a conservation job?

As a participant you’ll also enjoy our complete guide to producing successful CVs, Resumes and Cover Letters.

Whether you’re applying for your first professional experience or shifting careers into conservation, this step-by-step guide will help you write a killer application designed to get you an interview.

Throughout the eBook, you’ll find exercises, tips and links to extra resources. You can work through the guide from beginning to end, or jump to the sections you need most. It also includes CV, Resume and Cover Letter examples for you to learn from (aka copy!)

CV, Resume and Cover Letter templates

Make things simpler and download our easy to use templates for CVs, Resumes and Cover Letters.

Our templates are easy to download and adapt to your applications. Taking the headache out of applications and making everything quicker and simpler.

Community Support | Ask questions and get support

The training is a work-at-your-own pace course. You can go as fast as you want, or you can take your time. But what happens when you have a question?

We’re glad you asked! Included within the programme are two great resources to help answer your questions and get you unstuck:

Weekly office hours with Conservation Careers

Sometimes you just need to ask the teachers a question. That’s why we host a weekly Zoom call to get your questions answered, and learn from the questions of the others. Can’t make it? All call replays are available inside the course.

Monthly Hotseat Coaching with Conservation Careers

Join our live, 1-hour sessions where we work together to improve one or more key aspects of real, draft job applications. See our job application process in practice, or get coached yourself and receive 1:1 feedback and great tips! Can’t make it? All call replays are available inside the course.

Access to the CC Pro private community

Can’t wait until office hours? Ask your question inside the CC Pro private community!

Join our totally new private, growing community of aspiring and professional conservationists in CC Pro. You’ll be welcomed into our private community for six months. Get answers to burning questions, enjoy regular live events, participate in growth challenges, share your coursework, celebrate your successes, chat with your coursemates and more. 

You’re not alone in this.

Live Events

Enjoy regular live events, delivered right to your calendar.

Hear from experts during our webinars, sit in on job application hotseat coaching sessions and more. 

Growth Challenges

Participate in challenges that help you grow professionally. 

From networking to goal setting, we’ll challenge you to get outside your comfort zone and expand your limits (in a good way!)


Get 1:1 feedback from your teachers and community.

Get the personalised feedback you need to progress from the team of CC teachers and other community members.

Celebrate Successes

Celebrate your successes and build momentum.

Share your highs and lows with the community to get support and encouragement. 

Peer Support

Get support from a global community of conservationists. 

Chat with your coursemates and build a global support network for your career.

Private Chat

Connect 1:1 with other members via private chat.

If you share an interest, need advice or want to collaborate, it’s easy to connect.

Jobs | Access over 15,000 jobs, volunteer placements, internships, courses & more...

Included in the programme is full access to the Conservation Careers Job board. By far the biggest collection of jobs, volunteer placements, internships and training courses. Find the right opportunities quickly, and easily, and stop them slipping you by…

Over 15,000 jobs

Enjoy the biggest conservation job board in the world, with over 15,000 conservation jobs globally.

Covering all job types and levels, we work especially hard to find the early career roles so important to get your career going. 

Vol. & Internships

Search through hundreds of Internships, Volunteerships and Expeditions from across the globe. 

We know some experiences can be expensive … and constantly strive to uncover those precious free (& paid!) opportunities for you to enjoy.

1,500 Courses

Explore career-boosting courses, training-events, Masters Degrees, online courses and much more.

Many of these courses are totally free, and can really boost your employability; helping you to stand out from the crowd.

5,000 Organisations

Which conservation employers are located near you? Who works on marine conservation?

Access our full archive of jobs to identify the right employers for you.

Email Alerts

Don’t let your dream job slip you by, and set up unlimited email alerts.  

You can set up daily, weekly or monthly email alerts, filtered by location, job type, level or keywords. 


Organise all your jobs with notes so you can save them for later with ease.

Bookmark jobs, volunteer, internships and courses with the click of that bottom, and add your own notes. 

Helping hundreds of conservation organisations find new staff

We work with some of the biggest (and smallest) conservation organiations to find new staff, students, volunteers and students. 

Be the next to make this a turning point in your career

Conservationists who have used our application process often tell us that Conservation Careers was a turning point in their job applications, careers and in some cases, their lives.

Here are success stories from conservationists who have used Conservation Careers’ application process.

I got the job! It’s the ideal job for me so I’m really thrilled to have got it … Thanks again for all your help and feedback on my application … it really changed the way I write applications and think about conservation jobs in general.” – Nik Long, UK, July 2021.

If you are struggling to find and get a job in conservation, the secret to your success will be by using Conservation Careers! I did not get the job, but to go from never receiving an interview offer to making it to the last 2 applicants out of 200 on an international scale was incredible! I certainly have not given up! It gave me a real confidence boost that I do have the skills and knowledge to achieve my life long goal of working in conservation! Conservation Careers is probably one of the best things to happen to us job seekers in the conservation industry, we are very lucky to have this service!” – Belinda Laybourne, 2020.

The step-by-step guidance that Conservation Careers is absolutely invaluable! I got astoundingly good advice and feedback. The experience taught me a huge amount. I wholeheartedly recommend the course” – Madga Zachara, August 2021.

The results … were seen quickly with my applications getting more traction and I received interview invites I am now employed in my first ever proper conservation job and couldn’t be happier. Thank you to Kristi and Conservation Careers for all your help!” – Julia Daly, January 2021.

More happy job seekers

Hear from people like you who have used Conservation Careers’ application process.

“I found out today I was successful in my application for the JNCC and was made an offer of employment. Thank you so much for all the help!” – Matt Livesey, March 2021.

“I wanted to let you know that FFI offered me the role, and I have accepted. I also got offered a role with the RSPB as well! I wanted to thank you again … I don’t think I would be in the same situation without it!” Rosie Crawley, UK.

I got the job with WWF! Thanks a lot for everything” – Naomi Terriere, Bulgaria.

“Hello Nick, I just wanted to reach and let you know that I just got hired for an education and outreach position teaching about endemic butterflies at a local conservation area! It’s my first conservation related job (I’m a career switcher). The course has really helped me focus on how I want my future career to look. Thank you for a wonderful program!” Christina Carlton.

“I’ve often resorted to course material and every time I prepared a selection process I did it with more confidence. I actually got my first job in conservation and I’m super happy! It’s been a radical change in my career, I learn so much every day and I’m so happy! I wanted to thank the Conservation Careers team for their wonderful advice and encourage everyone to keep trying.” – María García, May 2021 

“Looks like I’ll be dropping out … but with good reason. I just got offered a year-long contract as a coordinator at an animal rehabilitation centre on Costa Rica, working with Sloths (my favourite animal). Two weeks in and the group already has its first success story!” Matt Roland, USA.

I can safely say that without this course, I probably would still be working in a pub in Manchester and applying for my dream jobs, unsuccessfully. I now work in one of the most beautiful places in the west of Scotland, get to see amazing wildlife every day and through that teach and inspire people about the importance of conserving our natural world” Kilian Hughes, Scotland.

“When I saw my dream job come up I knew I couldn’t miss my chance! I decided to get the help and advice from Conservation Careers and, guess what, it paid off: I got the job!” Lise Goudeseune, Brussels.

Thank you Nick for a great course. I really learned a lot and have been using all my skills in applications. I got an interview the other week and just found out I got the job as an environmental science educator! Thank you again!” Kathryn Braddock, USA.

Conservation Careers has been a great help as I sought to make a career switch into conservation. And the best thing? With the support and encouragement of the Conservation Careers community, I have now found an exciting job in conservation at WWF!” Karen Sim Clerk – Singapore.

Thanks to Conservation Careers, I am currently working for RiverCare and BeachCare, a Keep Britain Tidy project that supports local volunteer teams to conduct regular river and beach cleans and wildlife surveys. I genuinely love the job and couldn’t be more grateful to you for helping me to get it!!” Catherine Holborn, UK.

“I just wanted to share with you that thanks to the Kick-Starter course … I’ve been offered an internship this summer with the Sea Trust! I don’t want to brag (although I am a little because I’m so happy hahaha) but if I can do it, we all can! I really think what we did on the course made such a difference to my application!” Chloe Naan, UK.

“I am writing to you because I had a direct result because of the Kick-Starter course. I used the training to correct my CV and applied for a job. I quickly had an interview, and I am hired!” Jim Houdkamp, Netherlands.

Thank you, again, for all your help the last two years, you have really provided me with some great opportunities and I have no doubt this has helped me get into my current role at ZSL.” Emma Ackerley, UK.

I have been extremely happy with the service that Conservation Careers has provided, and I have already managed to get a job as a result!Craig Turley – England.

“On Friday I was emailed an offer for a role I had previously failed to apply for. However, this time I was offered the job from among 103 applicants, 13 first interviewees and four second interviewees. Two of which have previously done the same role while I have not. I believe that taking part in this course made me more confident, prepared me for difficult questions such as “why should we hire you over someone who has previous experience in this role”, and helped me articulate my passion for research and transferable skills I have suited for the role.” – Matthew Coates, UK, March 2020

“I wanted to let you know I have secured a new job in conservation. It was actually my first application after finishing the course. I’m now the bat groups officer with BCT [Bat Conservation Trust]” – Abby Packham

“Hi Kristi & Nick, Firstly, I want to say many thanks for all the help and advice you have given me over the past year. It has seemed like a long process, but I have now at last got some job options! … Kristi, after the advice you provided on my application around new year, I’ve had 7 interview invites using it as a template (incl. The one you actually commented on) – so an incredible improvement – thanks so much!” – Jerry Aylmer.

Conservation Careers has undoubtedly been the number one resource in my own job search and it does so within what feels like an inclusive community, which is fantastic, especially when you’re job hunting!” Bryn Morgan – England.

This was such a great experience! I’ve received high quality advice and support! During my application process I felt as if I have my own team supporting me. Following received guidance I have learned much more than I would on my own. Total recommendation.” Karolina Kass, Edinburgh.

“I could not recommend this service more! Kristi helped me massively – I now understand what I need to improve on in my applications and what employers are looking for. Her advice helped me not only for this specific application but also for future ones. I now feel so much more confident about applying for future jobs and wish I had used this service sooner!” – Charlotte Riddick, UK, August 2021

I just finished an interview for a position with Panthera! Not sure if I will get it, but I feel so happy that at least I got to the interview stage 🙂 Thank you Nick and Kristi, with this course I think I improved my motivation letter and CV a lot!” – Nadia Balduccio, 2020.

Your advice is great, especially to emphasize what I achieved during my positions and study – such a “duh” moment! It gives my CV much more value :)” Stefanie Roy, Australia.


The commitment is around 1-2 hours per week, but you can choose to work entirely at your own pace over the course of a year. It’s totally flexible. We’ve worked hard to fast-track your learnings and condense everything into just what you need to know. All shortcuts. You can go entirely at your own pace, and have a year’s access to the units.

You have access to the course videos for the full year of your membership to the site, so you don’t have to do a module a week if it doesn’t suit your schedule for any reason. However, we’ve found it best to try and work through the modules at a similar pace to other participants, so you can share your learnings and support one another.

This is a course for people who are applying for jobs in the conservation sector. This includes job seekers, career switchers, students and career climbers.

Once you sign up for the course you’ll get a confirmation email with all the details you’ll need in order to get going.

At the end of the course you’ll have completed a full application using our system. You can then get feedback from Conservation Careers to help polish your final version. We’ll provide feedback to every participant in the form of a ‘Snapshot CV/resume review’, which covers a checklist of 7 key themes.

In addition, through CC Pro you can submit your applications for review by the community, including course-mates and CC course leaders. CC course leaders may also provide additional feedback on some applications, but we can’t promise to read and review every one.

If you want a detailed review of your applications from CC, we offer an additional 1:1 service for which you’ll get a 10% discount as a course participant.

The cost for the course is $270 / £195 / €235.

The course comes with a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. If within 14 days, if you are unhappy for whatever reason just email us and you will receive a full refund. No questions asked.

No, and it would be wrong if anyone suggested otherwise. The course teaches you how to significantly increase your chances of success when applying for conservation jobs. There  are still a lot of unknown variables at play which can influence your chances of success, such as your ability to do the role, and the competition also applying for the same roles. We’re here to make you as competitive as you can be in your applications.

If within 14 days, if you are unhappy for whatever reason just email us and you will receive a full refund.

What's Included?


How to Apply for Any Conservation Job

Follow our proven step-by-step system to land more jobs.

Support Community

CC Pro

Join our private CC Pro community for support, events, networking & more.


The Conservation Careers Job Board

Enjoy full access to the world’s biggest conservation job board.

How much does it cost?

The cost for the course is $270/ £195 / €235 and this includes the training, support community and access to jobs. 

The Conservation Career Accelerator comes with a 14-day 100% money-back guaranteeIf within 14 days, if you are unhappy for whatever reason just email us and you will receive a full refund. No questions asked. 

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