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Latest Conservation Careers Advice Articles

Trouble in Paradise: Advice and insight from Victor Bonito on saving reefs in Fiji

By Paige Winslade | April 16, 2018

Director and head scientist for Reef Explorer (Fiji) Ltd, Victor Bonito has traveled the globe studying and exploring reefs including throughout Micronesia and U.S. Pacific Territories, Southeast Asia, Hawaii and Madagascar – and of course, Fiji.  Conservation Careers fishes for career advice for anyone ‘cray-sea’ about marine conservation.  The worlds’ reefs are in deep trouble, but

Six mistakes to avoid in your conservation job hunt

Six mistakes to avoid in your conservation job hunt

By Conservation Careers | April 5, 2018

We’ve helped hundreds of people from across the globe to find their dream conservation job, and wanted to share with you the six biggest rookie mistakes people make in their conservation job hunt. Thinking conservation is all about being outside studying things like sharks, turtles and lions. WRONG! The conservation sector is a growing professional industry and has an

Beach Babies, Marine Invaders and Enthusiasm!

By Rachel Gunn | April 5, 2018

‘Capturing our Coast’ (CoCoast) is an ongoing citizen science project aiming to discover more about the species that live in our seas and how we can protect them. CoCoast believes that the responsibility for protecting our seas and wonderful marine biodiversity belongs to all of us. Here, I speak to Dr Siobhan Vye, project officer,

Don’t eat penguin snow – Antarctic advice from Iain Staniland

By Patrick Pester | April 3, 2018

For more than two decades Dr Iain Staniland has worked for the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), carrying out research on Antarctic wildlife and producing numerous scientific publications. He created the blog – Antarctic Dad and has spent a combined total of four years living in the great white south… Keep reading, we may be some

Big footsteps to follow: Living and working with elephants in Botswana – Hayley Blackwell, Elephants for Africa

By Catherine Hunter | March 29, 2018

Hayley Blackwell is the Scientific Officer for Elephants for Africa (EfA), originally from the UK, but has been living and working in the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, Botswana since 2016. Initially joining EfA as a volunteer research assistant for one year, Hayley was offered the position of Scientific Officer, an opportunity she couldn’t refuse… What

What does it take to Save South Africa’s amphibians? An insight from Jeanne Tarrant, Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT)

By Hiral Naik | March 29, 2018

South Africa is home to an abundance of frogs and toads (~130 species) and Dr Jeanne Tarrant is taking a lead to be the saviour for these ‘little’ guys. As the manager of the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Threatened Amphibian Programme (TAP), she and her team aim to address a growing need for the involvement of

If you don’t ask you don’t get – network and skill share to achieve your goals: An Interview with filmmaker Lacy Wittman

By Kathleen Retourne | March 21, 2018

It takes courage to ask for help. Even more so when that person is a stranger. Harder still to ask for expensive equipment, or request accommodation and travel expenses. But, by doing just that, filmmaker and photographer Lacy Wittman managed to turn her passion for elephants into an ongoing adventure and part-time career, at little

My passion is to communicate the wonders of the natural world to the widest possible audience”, said Stephen Moss, one of Britain’s leading nature writers, broadcasters and TV producers.

Communicating the wonders of the natural world with Stephen Moss

By Stephen Thompson | March 21, 2018

“My passion is to communicate the wonders of the natural world to the widest possible audience”, said Stephen Moss, one of Britain’s leading nature writers, broadcasters and TV producers. He shares my passion of communicating the wonders of the natural world to people of any age wherever they might be. I talked to Stephen and asked

Marine Conservationist swimming

How to Start your Career in Marine Biology

By Oceanwildly | March 21, 2018

Breaking into the field of Marine Biology as a recent grad can be daunting and you’ll likely encounter many rejections. “Sorry you don’t have enough experience” is an over-used phrase that will hold you back on getting your lucky first job. But how do you break the cycle of need experience to get a job, but need a job

Insight into the NGO path of Conservation with Sophie Lewis

By Caitlin Wilkinson | March 21, 2018

Sophie Lewis is the Responsible Whale Watching Project Manager at the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA). The WCA is a global coalition of organisations dedicated to the protection of whales, dolphins and porpoises across the world. Here, Sophie discusses her career path and gives advice on how she ended up working for this wonderful organisation. Why

Standing on the shoulders of giants – a chat with Corey Bradshaw from ConservationBytes

By Mark Thomas | March 21, 2018

As we walk through life we sometimes don’t know where our current path will take us. Will it be meaningful, and what steps could we take? Seeking out and talking to people who have walked far ahead of us in a line of work that we are interested in could help shape the next steps

John Burton – A lifetime working in conservation

By Alice Johnson | March 15, 2018

Founder of the World Land Trust, a charity which has been running for nearly 30 years; more than a decade as Chief Executive of Fauna & Flora International; and an experienced natural history writer and editor, John has spent his whole life immersed in the natural world and conservation. I spoke to him about his

Chasing the Coveted Conservation Career by Sarah Blake

By Sarah Blake | March 14, 2018

Conservation Careers Blogger Sarah Blake shares her opinions, experiences and frustrations of hunting for a conservation job, to encourage you not to give up! We are all on the hunt for that secret sliver of information that we think must be out there. That magical and mythical key that should unlock the door to the conservation

Celebrating the role of women in conservation – International Women’s Day 2018

By Conservation Careers | March 8, 2018

Today is International Women’s Day (2018) and we felt it timely to celebrate the increasingly important role played by women in the conservation sector. Over the past five years we’ve spoken to over 100 professional female conservationists from recent graduates right up to the top of some of the biggest conservation organisations on the planet.

On the frontlines of human-elephant conflict with Robin Cook, Elephants Alive

By Hiral Naik | March 7, 2018

Growing up as a young boy in South Africa, aspiring to be a game ranger, Robin Cook is now contributing to a cause that is bigger than he ever imagined. Working with the most charismatic animals of the world such as elephants, is a dream come true for many conservationists and for Robin it all

Communication and Conservation: an interview with Lexie Beach, Communication Coordinator of Sea Turtle Conservancy

By Amber Zinser | March 7, 2018

Lexie Beach is the Communication Coordinator with Sea Turtle Conservancy, the world’s oldest sea turtle research and conservation group. For nearly 60 years, Sea Turtle Conservancy has worked to protect and conserve sea turtles and their habitats from extinction through research, education, and advocacy. Conservation Careers chats with Lexie about her role with Sea Turtle

Flying in to save flightless birds

By Patrick Pester | March 6, 2018

Biodiversity Ranger Cassie Mealey talks about her work with some of New Zealand’s rarest kiwis.                                    The Haast tokoeka is one of the rarest species of kiwi occurring in the Haast ranges of southern New Zealand. Here, on behalf of the governmental Department of Conservation, Cassie battles steep mountains, temperamental weather conditions and a dodgy

Grant Applications, and Tigers, and Bears

By Sophie May Watts | March 6, 2018

Oh My! Advice from Panthera’s Dr Wai-Ming Wong on producing a strong grant application. If you love your cats big (and small) then you’ll likely have heard of Panthera, an organization dedicated to the conservation of wild cats of the world. Panthera aims to secure a future for these majestic animals through scientific research and

A Caribbean murder mystery, changing perspectives, and how to kick start your conservation career

By Conservation Careers | February 23, 2018

This week Rachel Louise Gunn talks to Dr Dan Exton from Operation Wallacea (Opwall). Dan is currently Head of Research at Opwall and has worked in the marine conservation field for the past 15 years.  Opwall is a network of academics who design and implement both biodiversity and conservation management research expeditions around the world. Rachel went

Nature’s ninjas – the front line in conservation: An interview with Global Conservation Force’s president Mike Veale

By Kathleen Retourne | February 5, 2018

As we march into 2018, news from the conservation front-line is bleak. The earth is teetering towards its sixth mass global extinction – this time, as a direct result of human interference. Meanwhile, wildlife is the fourth most profitable trafficking crime after humans, weapons and drugs. And, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Corporate to conservation, how business know-how can land you your dream job: An interview with African Impact’s Business Manger Stuart Isham Fairbairns

By Kathleen Retourne | January 25, 2018

In theory, the cut and thrust of the corporate world is a far cry from the ideal of the conservation industry. But, conservation is a business, and the skills that make a multi-national corporate thrive, can be utilised to boost conservation projects, too. Prior to 2014, Stuart Isham Fairbairns, the Kruger Business Manager for African

Shana at her work as a project supervisor with Conservation Volunteers Australia

4 Stories and 4 Tips from my Conservation Job Hunt

By Shana Ahmed | January 19, 2018

There was a point after I had graduated when I was still searching for work that the thought genuinely crossed my mind – what if I actually never get a job? While now, that thought definitely seems over dramatic the process of job hunting, the sting of rejection and the disappointment of missing out on

Learning the hard way by Adam Barlow (Executive Director, WildTeam UK)

By Conservation Careers | January 15, 2018

The fear bomb – Terror is the only way to describe what I felt the first time I had to stand up in a dusty, old, dim lecture theatre in front of my university classmates and give a 10 minute talk about my research project. A moment before I was feeling confident in what I

3 Exciting Parrot Recovery Programs you can get Involved with

By Conservation Careers | January 7, 2018

Parrots are exquisite creatures. It is hard not to be endlessly fascinated by their forms, colors and behaviors – parrots, along with crows, are some of the most intelligent birds. When I was a little girl I desperately wanted to have an African Grey so I could teach it to talk. That was before I

Calling all budding bloggers and talented communicators

By Conservation Careers | January 2, 2018

Conservation Careers is one of the fastest growing websites dedicated to helping people protect wildlife. We’re lighting up the job market by providing careers advice and information to a network of over 40,000 conservationists in 180 countries across the globe. We’re looking for five people who share our commitment to helping conservationists along their career

What’s it like to work in European fisheries policy?

By Conservation Careers | December 19, 2017

Amelie Knapp is a Policy Officer at European Commission Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. Here she tells us what it’s like to work on fisheries policy within the European Union, and she shares her career secrets. What work do you do? I work to ensure that EU Member States collect scientific data on their fisheries.

Lucy McRobert: How I started in conservation communications

By Conservation Careers | December 12, 2017

Lucy McRobert is a talented conservation communicator, and ex-Creative Director of a network of young people in the UK looking to start their professional careers in conservation. Here she tells conservation careers her story so far, and provides advice which others can follow…  Why do you work in conservation? Most people say that they loved

How to… Get a job in Conservation (and love your work)

By Conservation Careers | December 5, 2017

James Borrell is a writer, speaker and scientist, with a passion for fieldwork and expeditions. He is currently based in London, whilst studying rare species in the Scottish Highlands and promoting conservation. Read his fabulous advice on how to get a job in conservation. **Check out our Ultimate Guide for Conservation Job Seekers here ->

A week in the life of a Conservation Careers Intern in the Limpopo

By Emma Ackerley | November 21, 2017

Conservation Careers has teamed up with an awesome team of people across the world who are passionate experts in their chosen field and will make your experience a truly unforgettable one (in a good way). Their award-winning projects receive over 2,000 participants every year, and we’re proud to say that the vast majority of them describe

Madagascar – Life On The Edge

By Conservation Careers | November 10, 2017

A fascinating, freely available new film follows a dedicated team of local and international researchers as they study dwindling rainforest fragments in remote northern Madagascar. It showcases the team’s struggles against the elements in their efforts to gather data on habitat fragmentation and its impacts on reptiles and amphibians in one of the world’s hottest

Want to be a conservation journalist? Find a niche or two, don’t be afraid to make a stand and strap yourself in – it’s going to be bumpy ride: An interview with conservation journalist Jeremy Hance

By Kathleen Retourne | November 6, 2017

Five years ago, conservation journalist Jeremy Hance found himself on a research project in the Dominican Republic. He was deep inside a forest and night had fallen. In his hand was a bag which contained a solenodon – a venomous shrew-like mammal, which had been caught to be collared for a research study. Typically, this

A life behind the lens

By Lindsay O'Brien | October 23, 2017

Dr Paul Stewart, the cameraman behind Planet Earth II’s BAFTA winning snake-iguana sequence, takes a break from filming his latest project in the Peruvian Amazon to share advice and stories from a thirty-year career in wildlife filmmaking. “I like Cinematographer because it sounds way more impressive” Paul jokes as we sit down at our slightly

What’s Involved in Being a Teaching Fellow?

By Conservation Careers | September 26, 2017

Judith Lock is a teaching fellow at the University of Southampton. She specialises in the areas of ecology, evolution and animal behaviour. Her role also involves improving links with local organisations to promote opportunities to enhance student employ-ability within conservation careers and beyond. Why do you work in Ecology and Conservation? I grew in Somerset

penguins WWF logo

What’s it like to work for WWF? (and how to get a job with them!)

By Conservation Careers | September 20, 2017

WWF have 58 offices around the globe and around 6,203 staff. Mary Ellen Swenson is a Human Resources Coordinator at WWF and is based at the headquarters in Gland, Switzerland. Her role involves a lot of work in social media, promoting vacancies, shortlisting and doing interviewing. In an interview with Conservation Careers she describes what

Leila Fouda, marine mammal conservation scientist

How to Start a Career in Marine Biology?

By Conservation Careers | September 12, 2017

Leila Fouda is a marine mammal conservation scientist. She is lucky enough to be able to travel to far flung and beautiful places studying whales, dolphins and other marine mammals for her job. She tells us what it’s like to work as a marine biologist, and provides advice for people looking to work in the

Volunteering forced me to re-evaluate my life: An interview with Wild Tomorrow Fund Executive Director John Steward

By Kathleen Retourne | August 29, 2017

It was only supposed to be a month-long vacation but, for Wild Tomorrow Fund Founder and Executive Director, John Steward, a volunteer placement with Wildlife ACT in South Africa resulted in a complete re-evaluation and life overhaul. After witnessing the plight of African wildlife due to dwindling habitat and illegal poaching, Steward walked away from

Kick-starter training for Early Career Conservationists launched!

By Conservation Careers | August 21, 2017

Give your conservation career a huge boost with a special four day course designed to increase your chances of employment within the competitive conservation sector. Stand out from the crowd and get certified in Project Management for Wildlife Conservation (Foundation and Intermediate theory, and Trackers and Reports) from the experts at WildTeam UK. In addition, get your

Educating the younger generation vital for conservation; an interview with Wild Volunteers’ founder Anton Roberts

By Kathleen Retourne | August 14, 2017

The human population is growing at an alarming rate – in April this year there was an estimated 7.5 billion people living on the planet, placing a substantial burden on the earth’s resources as they compete for land and food. As such, over population is having an increasingly detrimental impact on habitat and wildlife numbers

Find Your Niche in Conservation

By Conservation Careers | August 12, 2017

Filling a gap Positive Change for Marine Life is a marine conservation organization based in Byron Bay and Brisbane, Australia. Their slogan ‘paving the path to change through understanding, education, and respect’ comes from their desire to work with communities and create viable economic alternatives to inhumane and unsustainable marine industries. Their campaigns cover a

Dr Joe Chipperfield, Ecologist

How to Become a Research Ecologist?

By Conservation Careers | August 5, 2017

Dr Joe Chipperfield is a postdoctoral Research Ecologist working in the Biogeography department at the University of Trier in Germany.  The main focus of his research is the development and application of new techniques to ascertain the ranges of species and to try and predict what may happen to these ranges in the future. WHY DO YOU

From Environment & Sustainability undergraduate at Keele University straight to employment as Sustainability Project Officer

By Adam Moolna | July 27, 2017

Interviewing early career environmentalists there’s a common challenge in moving from being a student to a paid career. Gaining experience alongside your studies or immediately after, often as a volunteer, is core to almost all the life stories of people I talk to. Kat Machin managed to get her life changing experience as part of

What’s involved in conservation campaigning?

By Conservation Careers | July 27, 2017

Julie Melrose is Assistant Director for the Conservation Council Australian Capital Territory. She is a passionate advocate for progressive social and environmental change with over seven years experience managing a variety of projects and campaigns like Earth Hour for WWF. WHY DO YOU HAVE A CONSERVATION JOB?      I have been working for environmental NGOs for

Top 10 CV Mistakes to Avoid

By Conservation Careers | July 13, 2017

Already doing your dream job? If so, don’t bother reading on – there’s nothing to see here. However, if you’re still on the lookout, you’re in the right place. A stunning CV is a damn good start – but we’ve seen some criminal résumé and CV mistakes in our time. I’m not talking about CV’s

Conversation sparks conservation: an interview with Blue Ventures’ Chief Executive, Alasdair Harris

By Kristi Foster | July 6, 2017

It is no coincidence that conservation and conversation are anagrams. In our age of insta-information and digital decisions, it’s easy to mistake boardrooms and computer screens for the birthplaces of conservation projects. But spend 30 minutes speaking with Dr Alasdair Harris, Chief Executive of multi-award winning NGO Blue Ventures, and he’ll quickly remind you that

What’s it like working in conservation fundraising?

By Conservation Careers | June 15, 2017

Nick Askew is the Fundraising and Communications Manager for BirdLife Pacific – a flourishing network of seven national conservation organisations based in Fiji, Palau, New Zealand, Australia, Cook Islands, New Caledonia and French Polynesia. They are supported by the BirdLife Pacific Secretariat which manages regional projects and assists in conservation planning, capacity development and fundraising. WHY

Six things every potential recruit for WWF should know!

By WWF | June 8, 2017

For the past seven years, Laurence Najem has been recruiting talent from all over the globe for WWF International. Today she answers a few questions every potential recruit for WWF should know. [Image credit – Flickr / Wiertz Sébastien]. 1. How many CVs do you reckon you’ve reviewed? How many candidates have you interviewed? This

There’s wise and then there’s Bushwise

By Conservation Careers | May 18, 2017

Conservation Careers has teamed up with Bushwise to provide professional Field Guide Training in South Africa. With over 10 years’ experience in training field guides for the lodge, safari and conservation industry in South Africa, Bushwise is a leading Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) field guide training provider. “95% of Bushwise students are being

13 Short Online Course Ideas to Boost Your GIS Career

By Thom Starnes | May 15, 2017

Geographic Information Systems is a discipline which goes right to the heart of conservation and helps us to answer fundamental questions right across the spectrum of topics in conservation. ‘Why does this species occur here but not there?’, ‘Where should we prioritise our conservation actions?’, ‘How connected are these two wildlife populations?’, ‘What is the

Penguin encounters in the city

By Caitlin Frankish | May 8, 2017

In a world where more and more humans live in cities, and far from truly natural areas, is it any wonder that wildlife conservation nears the bottom of most people’s priorities? Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort home to a group of Gentoo and King penguins, is trying to solve this problem by enabling inhabitants of the ‘city built on sand’ to meet animals

Setting up your own project – lessons learnt from the Madagascar Whale Shark Project

By Stella Diamant | May 2, 2017

Stella Diamant initially wanted to be a vet until she realised that killing lab mice and being indoors weren’t for her. A trip to Madagascar as part of WWF’s Young Volunteer Programme combined with a passion for marine megafauna seeded a love for the country, its people and wildlife which led her to set up the Madagascar Whale

‘Carrion’ in Conservation! – An Interview with a Raptor Ornithologist

By Emma Ackerley | April 17, 2017

I first met Katherine Smith just over a year ago at a VuPro conference in Hartbeespoort, South Africa. Since interning at VulPro she has achieved fantastic heights in her career, recently being involved in a Parahawking organisation in Nepal, dedicated to creating awareness about the plight of endangered vulture species across the world. Parahawking you

Do you have an active interest in conservation? The Endangered Species Recovery (ESR) Course may help you | 24 July – 4 August 2017

By Conservation Careers | March 21, 2017

Do you have an active interest in conservation? The Endangered Species Recovery (ESR) Course may help you | 24 July – 4 August 2017 The Endangered Species Recovery (ESR) course is a two week introduction to the issues and practical skills involved in saving threatened species from extinction. You will develop a critical understanding of

Professor Steve Ormerod – An Ecologist’s Career

By Conservation Careers | March 7, 2017

Steve Ormerod is Professor of Ecology in Cardiff University’s School of Biosciences and current Chairman of the RSPB Council – the biggest wildlife charity in Europe. His conservation career so far includes the following highlights: the winner of the Marsh Award for Marine and Freshwater Conservation, Chief Editor of the Journal of Applied Ecology; President

The International League of Conservation Photographers with Alexandra Garcia

By Conservation Careers | February 28, 2017

Alexandra Garcia is the Executive Director of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), a non-profit organization that includes 100+ of the best professional nature and wildlife photographers in the world (Fellows) who are fully dedicated to using their imagery to promote earth friendly outcomes. Here she talks about her career and the amazing work of

Going it alone – Setting up Thailand Elephants

By James Walker | February 22, 2017

Returning home in late 2014 after managing an Elephant Reintroduction Volunteer Programme for two years in a Karen hill tribe village in Northern Thailand, Gemma Annan and fellow intern Jade Clayson decided more needed to be done to educate tourists regarding captive elephant welfare in Thailand. Putting a team together comprising of childhood friend Claire

Top UK Conservation Employers to watch in 2020

Top UK Conservation Employers to watch in 2020

By Conservation Careers | February 2, 2017

At Conservation Careers we know the conservation job market inside and out. Who are big employers? Who’s growing rapidly? Based on over 25,000 conservation jobs listed from 1,000 conservation employers across the globe … here is our list of top UK conservation employers to watch in in 2020! RSPB WWF-UK Fauna & Flora International Wildlife Trust

It’s a Wonderful World – #EarthOptimism is Sweeping the Planet in 2017

By Conservation Careers | January 30, 2017

Given the tumultuous political events of the past few months it’s perhaps understandable if this Friday 13th we feel more than little anxious about the world around us. As we move into 2017, people around the world are celebrating what is working in conservation and why. Discover how every one of us can become more

A neotropical conservation career companion

By Kristi Foster | January 26, 2017

“After I’d left university I was sure of one thing,” says Christopher Beirne, “That I never wanted to do a PhD.” But career trajectories are an awful lot like jungles – wild and unpredictable – and nearly 10 years after first falling in love with the neotropics, Dr Chris Beirne landed back in Peru as

The UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre – with Emily Dunning

By Conservation Careers | January 24, 2017

Emily worked as Assistant Programme Officer at The UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre. UNEP-WCMC is the United Nations Environment Programme’s specialist biodiversity assessment arm. They provide authoritative information about biodiversity and ecosystem services in a manner that is useful to decision-makers who are driving change in environment and development policy. Emily studied Geography at Trinity Hall, Cambridge

Naturewatch – a student-led online wildlife series

By Conservation Careers | January 17, 2017

This week we spoke to Peter Cooper – a 22 year old postgraduate studying MSc Biodiversity & Conservation at the University of Exeter Penryn Campus – about the new online wildlife series Naturewatch. Peter is script editor on Naturewatch and committee member for the UK youth nature network, ‘A Focus on Nature’. He’s also life-long

Making Your Own Success in Conservation

By Emma Ackerley | January 4, 2017

I spoke to Alex Bateson, a franchise holder at Lion Learners North West England. It can be a difficult task getting your foot in the door at a successful conservation organisation, why not try being a little entrepreneurial and set up your own conservation enterprise like Lion Learners? Alex can you tell us a bit

What’s it like to be an assignment photographer?

By Conservation Careers | December 11, 2016

Jason Houston is an assignment photographer with over 20 years’ experience working around the world producing stories that matter for conservation. Jason travels fast, light, and unobtrusively to capture authentic moments that will powerfully and effectively tell a story. Here Jason provides an insight into the highs and lows of his chosen career. How would

Best cult-conservation documentaries outta’ 2015-2016

By Emma Ackerley | December 1, 2016

As we approach the end of 2016, let us have some time to reflect on some of the most brilliant, awe-inspiring and dam right visually eclectic cult-conservation films, that have made it to our screens over the past two years. I won’t go into too much detail, and anyway the premise is often the same

Ecological Survey Techniques Programme at the University of Oxford

By Conservation Careers | November 25, 2016

What different short courses do you offer for ecologists and conservationists at the University of Oxford Continuing Professional Development Centre? We offer a range of short courses (or modules) which come under the umbrella of the Ecological Survey Techniques Programme. This part-time postgraduate-level programme is modular and highly flexible because it is mostly delivered online

Volunteering in Conservation Part 2: International Volunteering

By Shana Ahmed | November 7, 2016

In part 1 of this series (here) a local perspective on volunteering was explored, but journeying overseas for volunteer experiences is increasing in popularity and comes with a new set of challenges and opportunities. I met Magali Marion through my own international experience on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica with International Student Volunteers (ISV). The

Volunteering in Conservation Part 1: Local Volunteering

By Shana Ahmed | November 1, 2016

It would be difficult to find a person interested in working in conservation that hasn’t done some form of volunteering. In a field where we are told that volunteering is one of the best ways to help land a job, a common concern people have is how you can successfully turn your volunteer experience into

What’s involved in being a conservation director for Fauna and Flora International?

By Conservation Careers | October 15, 2016

Paul Hotham has over 25 years of conservation experience including work in the UK National Parks and voluntary sector and international conservation NGOs. His MSc thesis was undertaken in the Amboseli and Kilimanjaro National Parks on transboundary cooperation between protected areas. Paul has extensive experience in species conservation, protected area management and conservation capacity building.

Falconry: Conservation’s Dirty Word. An interview with Andrew Knowles-Brown.

By Josh Flatman | September 1, 2016

A fleeting glimpse during Sunday Lunch of a falconer looking for his lost falcon, would shape the direction of Andrew’s life and career. Since this encounter at nine years of age, Andrew has developed the world’s largest eagle breeding centre, bred more species of eagle than anyone else and helped to pioneer breeding techniques, not

How do you become a conservation officer?

By Conservation Careers | August 30, 2016

Alex is Senior Conservation Officer for BirdWatch Ireland – a voluntary conservation organisation in the Republic of Ireland, devoted to the conservation and protection of its wild birds and their habitats. It was formerly known as the Irish Wildbird Conservancy. WHY DO YOU HAVE A CONSERVATION JOB? Initially, because I loved being outdoors watching, recording and

Ecology Jobs is a UK job-site dedicated to ecologists

Introducing Ecology Jobs – a job-site dedicated to ecologists

By Conservation Careers | August 23, 2016

With an increasing number of jobs in the ecology sector opening up all the time, we’re excited to speak with Andrew Black – Director of Ecology Jobs, the only UK job-site dedicated to helping ecologists. What is ‘Ecology Jobs’? Our demographic is UK ecologists, and we understand the specific needs, skills and requirements of both

What’s it like to work as a environmental consultant?

By Conservation Careers | August 16, 2016

Mark is Head of Ornithology at APEM – Europe’s leading independent environmental consultancy specialising in freshwater and marine ecology and aerial surveys. We offer work of the highest quality and scientific integrity, together with excellent service. WHY DO YOU HAVE A CONSERVATION JOB? I think that the human imprint on the earth is massive. Wildlife biodiversity,


What’s your Global Vision?

By Kristi Foster | August 3, 2016

When was the last time something turned your world view upside-down? Maybe it happened during a meal with a homestay family or while talking to a stranger amidst luggage and chickens on a packed local bus. Maybe it happened in the middle of a moving documentary, when you glimpsed an animal in its last remaining

Landing your dream job: A success story from The Nature Conservancy’s Eddie Game

By Courtney Jackson | August 1, 2016

An introduction to conservation Eddie Game was working for Australia’s fisheries department in the sub-Antarctic when he realized that he wanted to become a conservation scientist. Unlike many others who are drawn to the field after having experienced some form of environmental destruction, he was drawn to conservation after observing the success of protected areas.

Fighting for birds with Dr Mark Avery

By Conservation Careers | July 26, 2016

Mark is the former RSPB Conservation Director and has been called Britain’s premier wildlife blogger. He worked for the RSPB for 25 years – and spent 13 years as their Conservation Director. Mark’s knowledge about nature conservation in the UK is without par, and he cares deeply about the sustainability of wildlife in the modern world. The

Volunteering Columbus GV Team

What jobs can ecology graduates do?

By Conservation Careers | July 19, 2016

Simon Bangs is a Conservation Recruitment Consultant for Allen & York – a leading International Sustainability Recruitment Consultancy, with an increasing number of renewable energy jobs, ecology and environmental jobs throughout the globe. WHAT DO YOU DO AS A RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT? We work on behalf of a variety of clients around the world to source new

Andy Morffew / Flickr

How do you become a nature reserve officer?

By Jenny Mackay | July 12, 2016

Jenny MacKay is Reserves Officer for The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire. The Trust manages 128 nature reserves (covering 2,400 hectares of land) for the benefit of people and wildlife in the UK. It also works to make these wildlife havens bigger, better and more joined-up – vital to help wildlife to adapt to a

Book review: The Effective Ecologist

By Conservation Careers | July 4, 2016

The Effective Ecologist covers the stuff that no-one told you about at university – how to develop your office-related and business skills to succeed in your career as a professional ecologist. This book shows you how to be more effective in your role, providing you with the skills and effective behaviours within the workplace that

It’s a frog’s life: an interview with Froglife’s toad-ally new patron, Jules Howard

By Aimee Farndale | June 19, 2016

Jules Howard started out his early career at Froglife, a charity committed to conserving the UK’s native amphibians and reptiles. Two published books and plenty of stories later, he’s come full circle and has re-joined the organisation, as a patron. His work for the Guardian and BBC Wildlife is both novel an engaging, whilst his

At the Crossroads: An Interview with Interdisciplinary PhD Julia Greenberg

By Rebecca Liubicich | June 19, 2016

If you’re anything like me, you fell in love with nature and the basics of biology before you decided to work in conservation. The elegance of evolution and the fascinating diversity of animal species and animal behaviors had you hooked – and then you learned what humans have done to the natural world and decided

A turtley awesome job: career insight from Sea Turtle Inc.’s Khrystyne Jamerson

By Caitlin Frankish | June 9, 2016

In light of the recently celebrated ‘World Turtle Day’, I caught up with Khrystyne Jamerson, an educator at Sea Turtle Inc. on South Padre Island. Khrystyne’s enthusiasm for wildlife conservation inspired me daily while we were working together for Ghana Research and Education Alliance for Turtles this past winter. Her new position allows her to

Decision making matters: career advice from multi-award winning conservationist Hugh Possingham

By Kristi Foster | June 6, 2016

In a world run by politicised decision-making, how can conservation compete? Decision science runs the world – from manufacturing to the military, from transport to economics. And according to multi-award-winning ecologist Professor Hugh Possingham, conservation decision-making is also the best way to solve environmental problems. Natural decisions “Conservation is an applied science; it’s all about

Late Bloomer: How David Bevan’s botanical career slowly flourished

By Charlotte Rixon | June 1, 2016

David Bevan didn’t fully realise is passion for plants until he was 40 years old. Now aged 75, he has devoted the last 35 years of his life to studying botany, caring for local green spaces and inspiring a love for nature in others. A retired natural history teacher and former Conservation Officer for the

Keeping Tasmania’s Rich Biodiversity Alive: Jane Hutchinson

By Olivia Congdon | May 31, 2016

Tasmania is the southern-most part of Australia, an island state that is known for its exquisite natural landscapes and unique fauna. However, it’s future lies in the hands of conservationists and groups like the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, which protects and improves important areas of land, conducts biological research and assists in a huge variety of

Telling the ocean’s stories

By Jim Pettiward | May 19, 2016

Helen Scales is a marine biologist, writer, broadcaster, explorer and all round polymath. Two of her greatest passions are the oceans and storytelling. Her love of the sea and academic background, and a flair for narrative, have led to several books, the most recent of which, Spirals in Time, was published last year. She also

Scottish Wildcat Action – Delivering a Partnership Project

By James Walker | May 16, 2016

This is a short version of the article. To gain a more in depth insight into how the project was designed and the science behind the research, in addition to photographs of wildcats from the first formal project field survey, please read the full version here.  Scottish Wildcat Action is an ambitious conservation project launched

Learn Ecological survey techniques online whilst you work with the University of Oxford

By Conservation Careers | May 13, 2016

This week we’ve spoken with Dr Jocelyne Hughes, Director of the Postgraduate Certificate in Ecological Survey Techniques at the University of Oxford. She shares her insights into online learning for careers in ecology and conservation, and how they can help people to learn remotely whilst they work. What online courses do you offer at Oxford

From intern to inspiration story: landing an adventure job in the Peruvian Amazon

By Kristi Foster | May 9, 2016

Scottish zoologist Holly O’Donnell doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. When a university professor told O’Donnell that her bachelor’s degree was worth “toilet paper” and that she was going nowhere, she could have abandoned her career dreams. Instead, she fundraised and interned her way from Scotland to Antarctica, Paraguay and the Peruvian Amazon, where she

Living Seas: From dolphins to dredging with Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Abby Crosby

By Kaitlin Flood | May 5, 2016

Abby Crosby is the Marine Conservation Officer for Cornwall Wildlife Trust, working within their Living Seas department which focuses on Cornwall’s diverse marine life, all the way from corals to basking sharks. The Living Seas aim is to collect data, create awareness of threats to marine wildlife, and campaign for better protection of Cornish marine

Spotlight on: Volunteer Latin America

By Conservation Careers | May 5, 2016

This week we’re speaking to Stephen Knight from Volunteer Latin America to understand more about the organisation, and how it can benefit your career in conservation. What is Volunteer Latin America? Volunteer Latin America connects people from all over the world to affordable and reputable volunteer programs throughout Central and South America. We are strong proponents of ethical

Swimming in a cave

So you want to be a Marine Conservationist?

By Charlotte-Anne Chivers | April 25, 2016

Sam Craven, an established marine conservationist, works for Zoox as a senior programmes officer in the Philippines. Zoox is an organisation that was created to help budding marine conservationists to gain the experience and training they need to enter a career in marine conservation, and their programmes allow volunteers to get involved with a UNEP

From Rainforests to Reefs: the Australian-based Conservation Master’s

By Kristi Foster | April 15, 2016

  With arid lands, rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef within roughly 1000 kilometres, plus a worldwide reputation for cutting-edge research in environment and ecology, the University of Queensland is an exciting place to train future conservationists. In 2013, the Australian university launched a one-year Master of Conservation Biology and an 18-month Master of Conservation

Conservation Jobs: from grass roots to Government with Abi Blandon

By Conservation Careers | April 14, 2016

This week we’re talking to Abi Blandon – Marine Assessment Scientist from the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) who also volunteers for Honko Mangrove Conservation and Education. She tells us what it’s like to work in two different conservation jobs – from grass roots to Government – and shares her careers advice.  Why do you work

Operation New World – How a One-Week Ecology Course Changed My Life

By Emma Ackerley | April 9, 2016

So you’ve graduated with your degree in biological or environmental sciences and were expecting an instant pay-off for all that hard work? But you’ve seen no such thing as of yet. If you’re nodding your head – welcome, friend. Graduating can be a difficult and confusing time, especially if you’ve never been out of education

Human nature: Protecting Indigenous resource rights in remote Australia

By Kristi Foster | April 7, 2016

Dr. Marcus Barber spent a year living in a tent, tore his knee in a footy match, chopped up a pelican for dinner and directed an impromptu documentary, all in support of Indigenous water rights. Here the environmental anthropologist with Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, shares the challenges, lessons and life-changing experiences of more than

Sunfish, Sea and a PhD: Why pursue further academic study in Marine Conservation?

By Kaitlin Flood | April 1, 2016

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about studying a PhD in science? Perhaps academics poring through old volumes in a dusty university library? Or white-clad scientists spending hours on end in the clinical conditions of a lab? This is definitely not always the case for Queen’s University, Belfast PhD

Conservation Physiology and Black Rhinos – How Faeces Are Helping Conserve an Iconic Species

By Rebecca Liubicich | March 10, 2016

Conservation physiology, according to Dr. Rachel Santymire, is, “really about capturing how wildlife is interacting with its environment…[and] using the animal’s physiology to understand how they are interacting with their environment to better conserve them.” Dr. Rachel Santymire is now the Director of the Davee Center for Epidemiology and Endocrinology at Lincoln Park Zoo in

Forgotten Fungi – An Interview with Pam Catcheside

By Shana Ahmed | March 10, 2016

It is estimated that in Australia alone there are a quarter of a million species of fungi. As our understanding of the largely undiscovered and often overlooked world of fungi grows, volunteers and researchers in mycology continue to make new and interesting discoveries that have huge impacts on conservation. One such researcher is Pam Catcheside.

Going pro with GoPro

By Matt Nicholson | December 31, 2015

In order for conservation to be effective, we need to engage audiences by using as many tools as we can.  This includes writing, photography, and videography.  While the written word and still images are extremely powerful, as we continue to move into this new technological age, creative videography will become more important in capturing the

How can conservation volunteering help you?

By Hannah De Frond | December 31, 2015

Following the advice from Sarashka King’s ‘How to become a Conservation Volunteer?‘ Conservation Careers Blogger Hannah De Frond explores the many positives that you can gain from a volunteering experience, and why she would recommend it to anyone, especially those aiming to pursue a career in conservation. Field Skills You can gain many field skills

Birds of Seychelles: inspiring conservation from England to the Indian Ocean

By Adam Moolna | December 31, 2015

Over 100,000 giant tortoises on the remote Aldabra atoll, approximately 115 islands across a 1.4 million square kilometre exclusive economic zone, and a Noah’s ark of unique tropical wildlife. That’s the Seychelles that fascinated me as a child who had fallen in love with giant tortoises. I grew up surrounded by Seychelles maps and books,