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Are you searching for more meaning in your career? We monitored conservation jobs worldwide for two weeks to give a snapshot of the opportunities for career switchers, and we were blown away by the results. There are more conservation jobs available for career switchers than you’ve probably imagined, and career switcher skills are often in demand. If you
Have you considered a career as an Ecological Consultant or Consultant Ecologist? Here, BSG Ecology provides guidance to students, graduates and early-career ecologists on the skill sets you might seek to develop, and how to set yourself apart from your peers in the job market. Background Ecological consultancies vary in the way in which they
“Follow your passion and you will find a way to serve” It also started with a simple curiosity. As a child Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh followed in the footsteps of his uncle, the first Palestinian Zoologist. He now carries on his uncle’s legacy as the Founder and (Volunteer) Director of the Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and
How would you like to help save species on the brink? Meet Rikki Gumbs, a postdoctoral research scientist the Zoological Society of London (ZSL)’s Edge of Existence programme. EDGE seeks to identify and conserve evolutionarily unique species on the verge of extinction, from pygmy hippos to pangolins, plus many evolutionary underdogs you’ve probably never heard
Today we’re speaking with Beth Thoren, Deputy CEO of Client Earth, and someone who’s spearheading a huge and exciting drive to create 20,000 jobs in nature through a new National Nature Service. We start our chat today about this big new idea and then discuss her role at Client Earth. Before then Beth shares her
Jillian Morris, more commonly known as Bimini Shark Girl, is a shark advocate. She’s a queen of marine biology, ocean conservation and videography! She started her journey in marine conservation behind the lens. Using photography and videography to message about the importance of sharks and to help people understand them. Her beautiful work has been
Simon Watt is a science communicator, founder of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society and a stand-up comic. In this interview with Conservation Careers Blogger Bill Boteler, Simon talks about his journey to become what he is and why ‘ugly’ animals matter. Why do you work in conservation? I don’t only work in conservation is the
Dr. Jane Hill is a professor and deputy head of the Biology Department at the University of York. Her eagerness and enthusiasm to protect ecosystems led her to explore the impacts of habitat fragmentation and climate change on temperate and tropical insect biodiversity. Research in Hill’s lab does not stop there; she also works on
Wildlife ACT is an award-winning wildlife conservation organisation running Critically Endangered and priority species conservation projects in South Africa. They provide wildlife monitoring services and state-of-the-art animal tracking and anti-poaching equipment at no charge to several reserves across KwaZulu-Natal, working closely with many other global conservation organisations, including the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Endangered
Are you a job-seeker, career-switcher or career explorer seeking to work in wildlife conservation? Join Conservation Careers in person from 20th – 21st March 2021 in Shropshire, UK for our next Conservation Career Kick-Starter! Give your conservation career a huge boost with a unique two-day in-person training course designed to help you understand the job
In the second-most biodiverse country in the world, one organization is giving young women the skills they need to help create a more sustainable future. Colombia is a beautiful country with a complicated history. During a 50-year civil war, many people were displaced and ended up in cities like Medellin. However, poverty, domestic violence and
As conservation career opportunities rebound, conservationists and organisations who understand their ‘niche’, innovate and adapt can survive – or even thrive.  In March 2020 the global COVID-19 pandemic froze international travel, halted recruitment and sent the conservation industry into a sudden standstill. In April 2020, a survey of 330 conservationists by Conservation Careers showed that
Melissa Dawson’s lifelong passion and enthusiasm for biology and conservation has led her to a slice of bushveld heaven. In South Africa lies Mankwe Wildlife Reserve, a small family business with over 500 species from Giraffe to Dung beetles. They focus on the importance of research and education within conservation.  Melissa first visited the reserve
Have you ever considered a career helping businesses manage natural resources, conserve biodiversity, adapt to climate change or become more sustainable? Tracey Edwards is a Sustainability Coach and Entrepreneur from Jamaica and founder of Plakortis, an environmental sustainability coaching service for businesses across Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. With over 15 years experience in the
“Plants are these primary producers that can take energy from the stars and turn it into food, and when you’re considering things from a conservation perspective I think it just makes sense to make them the centre point.”   Within conservation, plants are a vital but often overlooked component and the hugely energetic Matt Candeias is on a mission to change that.