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They may not have cuddly fur or feathers, but plants are crucial to the planet and its ecosystems and to us. Carlos Magdalena is the Tropical Senior Botanical Horticulturist at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, the largest botanical collection in the world. He has rescued several rare plants from extinction including Café Marron, brought back from
Ecotourism is all about creating and promoting sustainable travel opportunities around the world. It’s about showing off the natural world and its amazing inhabitants. With the aim of fostering environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation! It helps to deliver real benefits for local communities and conservation. This is arguably one of the most important
At Conservation Careers, we believe in conserving biodiversity through diversity. We urgently need more perspectives, voices, ideas and expertise to create a world in which wildlife thrives. Celebrating Diversity in Conservation is a new initiative to share careers advice from professional conservationists from every corner of the planet. Our ultimate goal is to showcase conservationists from
The time has come! We’re getting more social and joining all the fun and games on Instagram. We’ve heard it’s where the party’s at. We’re here to help conservationists achieve career success and a world where wildlife thrives! Does that sound like something you’re into? Join the tribe! What we’ll be sharing Stop scrolling! We’ll
Eve Grayson, a wildlife conservationist for the North Wales Wildlife Trust (NWWT), shares her experiences working with the trust and offers advice for those looking for a career in conservation. Eve and the rest of the team based in Anglesey and Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales, hope that all readers will find the motivation and drive to
Today we’re talking to Dr. Kerry Kriger, the Founder and Executive Director of SAVE THE FROGS! Kerry is a powerhouse in the amphibian world, having set up an organisation to help save threatened frogs, toads, newts, salamanders and caecilians across the world. And he’s got his work cut out. Of the seven and a half
Is money holding you back from conservation internships or volunteering? Does conservation seem like a field for the elite? What if you could get the experience you need to break into conservation without breaking the bank? In this free webinar from Conservation Careers, Dr Nick Askew and Kristi Foster bust the myth that conservationists should
“We come from the Ocean; we are all 80% water”. James Nikitine’s passion and determination to protect the world’s oceans can be traced right back to childhood. It began with family holidays in Corsica: scrambling down craggy rocks, bare legs scratched by dense scrub, the intense heat of the Mediterranean sun beating down, all the
You may think of rewilding primarily as the reintroduction of large mammals to areas where they have gone extinct. For Elliot Newton and his team at Citizen Zoo, rewilding is more than just that.  Yes, it’s about reintroducing key missing species and creating suitable habitats for them to thrive, but it’s also about rewilding people.
The conservation sector is unlike any other, and it’s being impacted uniquely by the global COVID-19 pandemic. In April 2020 we published articles on Conservation Careers and Mongabay featuring the impact of COVID-19 on the conservation industry. We’re now seeking insights from conservationists and employers to understand how the community is coping with and responding
Do you enjoy getting out into the field, identifying plants, animals, insects and more? And would you like to be paid for doing this and spend your career surveying for protected species and habitats whilst implementing the law to identify and avoid harmful impacts on them? Then a career as an ecological consultant might be
A tragedy has befallen many species of vultures. They have become collateral victims of poisoning incidents and human activities. Their numbers are significantly declining in Africa and Asia and many places on earth are lacking sufficient scavenging by “nature’s clean-up crew”. So says José Tavares, director of the Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF), Europe’s leading organisation working