Podcast | Dr Helen Gath | Durrell Conservation Academy

What role do zoos play in conservation, why is diversity important and how can you get upskilled to have more impact?

We discuss these topics in front of an audience from within our CC Pro community on today’s podcast with Dr Helen Gath from the Durrell Conservation Academy.

Helen is a conservation ecologist passionate about enthusing others to protect the natural world. She holds a PhD on the Mauritius Echo parakeet and in her role as Conservation Training Officer enjoys collaborating with world-leading conservation practitioners to facilitate and deliver a wide range of training for aspiring and professional conservationists.

She shares what it’s like to do her work day-today and also her career path; including some struggles along the way.

It’s a wide-ranging, fun and inspiring chat where we also had a great chat with the audience after the recording ended.

As always, enjoy.




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Links & Resources

Check out the Durrell Conservation Academy to learn more about their work. Plus, stay tuned to hear more about the Durrell Communications Traineeship in partnership with Conservation Careers, an exciting six-month part-time communications traineeship, designed for aspiring and talented conservation communications professionals.


Main image: Dr Nick Askew, Director of Conservation Careers, and Lloyd Gofton, Conservation Careers Communications Coach teaching students at the Durrell Conservation Academy. Credit: Durrell Conservation Academy.

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