Podcast | Rewilding with Ben Stockwell from Citizen Zoo

If you’re interested in conservation, then you’ve probably heard the term rewilding. 

Over the past decade or so it has represented a growing movement within the industry to restore nature back to its former glory. Sometimes involving reintroducing long lost species back into landscapes.  

One of the organisations involved in the movement is Citizen Zoo – a young UK charity dedicated to rewilding, made up of a passionate team and volunteers around the country working to restore nature and help species and habitats thrive. 

In this episode we’re speaking to Ben Stockwell, Senior Rewilding Officer at Citizen Zoo. 

We discuss why rewilding is such an exciting opportunity for conservationists, how it works and some examples of how you can get involved. 

As always, we also discuss what it’s like to do this work and Ben’s advice people like you who might be interested in following in his footsteps. 

It’s an inspiring, thought-provoking and wild chat – enjoy!





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Links & Resources

Are you curious to learn more about Citizen Zoo? Why not explore our interview “Rewilding people” with Citizen Zoo | An interview with Elliot Newton.

You can also check out Citizen Zoo’s website to learn more about their work and how you can get involved.


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