Stella Diamant | The Madagascar Whale Shark Project

Stella Diamant is a passionate conservation biologist who founded the Madagascar Whale Shark Project, introduced a code of conduct for Whale Shark tourism, initiated an environmental education programme for Malagasy youth, and has identified almost 500 individual Whale Sharks 

She’s now working in collaboration with other NGOs and has helped ensure the code of conduct is being added to Malagasy law, and will soon be compulsory for all operators across Madagascar interacting with marine megafauna.  

An old friend of CC, Stella talks candidly about her insights from her experience founding and running the NGO single-handedly. She talks passionately about why Whale Sharks matter and what she’s doing to help conserve them. We also discuss her careers advice for budding marine conservationists.  

This is also a new format of the podcast, where we invited our community members into the recording as an audience and invited them to ask questions of Stella once the mics were turned off. 

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Righty, let’s hand over Stella and get this show on the road… 





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Links & Resources

Visit the Madagascar Whale Shark Project to learn more about their work. We recommend checking out their Code of Conduct for Whale Shark Tourism!


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