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£275 per course

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Do you want to….

  • Improve your ability to think strategically and see the bigger picture?
  • Get buy-in from others for key decisions and resources?
  • Motivate individuals and teams?
  • Manage your time more effectively?
  • Be more confident in your leadership role?
  • Fit training into your existing work pattern?

If so, the CSL Distance Learning Programme may be for you. Each course provides a practical toolkit that has been custom made for scientists working in universities, research organisations, government agencies, NGO’s or the corporate sector who want to develop their leadership skills. 

About The CSL-DL Programme

The CSL Distance Learning Programme provides an integrated leadership tool kit that has been built on our experience in running CSL training courses for over a decade. 

About the Courses

The Programme consists of 3 courses

CSLD1: Thinking Strategically

Professionals in leadership roles need to be able to see the bigger picture, identify and develop opportunities and enable action to take place. However, many find that much of their time is taken up with operational matters and day-to-day decision making. This course provides tools to facilitate strategic thinking and action.

CSLD2: Influencing Others

Whatever the leadership role, there is a need to get the support of many other people to advance projects, stimulate innovation and succeed with change. There is little of significance that can be achieved today by people working solely on their own.

This course provides tools to enable participants to improve how they influence others in support of effective communication and collaboration.

CSLD3: Developing Your Leadership Practice

Leadership skill development is a journey of learning and improvement over time. In the face of research, projects, publication and administration, it is often hard for scientists and science professionals to find the time to focus on such work. Yet without it, success may harder to achieve and careers slower to progress.

Course Structure

  • Blended learning – webinars + peer group sessions + online content
  • Study in your own time – approx. 3 ½ hours per week over 6 weeks
  • Apply the tools in your work during the Course

About Us

Since 2009 Martin and Peter from the Barefoot Thinking Company have provided leadership courses for over 1600 scientists from more than 100 organisations in the UK, Europe and North America

Signing up

January 2022 Programme

Course  Dates (start and finish)

CSLD1 – Thinking Strategically     24/1/22 to 4/3/22

CSLD2 – Influencing Others          2/5/22 to 10/6/22

CSLD3 – Developing your Leadership Practice      12/9/22 to 21/10/22

£695 (+VAT) for the Programme or £275 (+VAT) for Courses taken separately.

You can also contact for more details.

For detailed information on the CSL-DL Programme contact the trainers at


“Run by scientists for scientists, this is the first course I have been on that has felt tailored to our specific needs”
CSL Participant, May 2019 

I’m applying for a promotion!! This Programme has given me the confidence to realise that I am capable of being a senior manager. I have the skills required and already have to operate very strategically in the role I am in; so I’m going to give this my best shot.
CSL Distance Learning Course Participant, April 2021

“There was absolutely no part of the CSL course which wasn’t useful or interesting. The course promised tools, as so many courses do. But this course actually delivers those tools”
CSL Participant, January 2019

“I want to tell you that my interactions with Barefoot have been unequivocally career changing. The training has given me professional tools that I hadn’t imagined (though in retrospect they are perhaps obvious). The approach that you use and your ability to foster a collaborative and “safe” learning environment were essential for my learning”
CSL Participant May 2018 

“The course has boosted my confidence in my ability to think strategically and has provided lots of useful tools to aid creative thinking. The webinars were great – interactive in a way that really worked. I also enjoyed the peer group sessions and was surprised how much I got out of them”.
CSL Distance Learning Course Participant, November 2020

“The whole programme was both an eye-opener and a game changer for my work life.”

“I have benefitted immensely and in many ways. Not least with believing in myself as a leader!”

“The best series of courses I have ever taken!”

June 2021 Course Participants