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£245 per course

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Are you looking for a job in nature conservation? Do you want to be able to demonstrate your practical skills to future employers? This 6 week practical online/live Effective Camera Trapping Course is designed to help!

What will I learn?

Camera trapping is now widely used in wildlife monitoring. It can determine whether a particular species is present, with conservation or legal consequences, and it can be used to help educate and engage the public with nature conservation.

This online/live course will teach you how to use camera trapping technology effectively to capture images and videos of wildlife. You will gain confidence in your ‘nature-detective’ field skills and contribute data to a citizen science project.

Who can join?

We welcome course participants from anywhere in the world. If you are a participant with a UK address we will loan you the camera. If you would like to join the course from outside the UK then you will have to buy the camera.

Please see our website for details

The detail:

6 week practical online/live course: 7th September – 16th October 2020

– We estimate you’ll need approximately 2 – 4 hours spread over each week to investigate the on-line learning materials, attend the live seminars and broadcasts. The live seminars and broadcasts will be after office hours, 7pm (London time) on the Wednesday of each week.

Price: £245 + £100 returnable deposit for UK participants to whom we will loan a camera.

You will receive an e-badge on completion which you can show to future employers.

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