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£12,662 per 30 credits

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EVSM is a multi-disciplinary program that emphasizes application of both environmental science knowledge and environmental management skills to solve local, regional and global issues. While core courses in both science and management areas are required for this program, there is also a wide range of elective courses to cater to students of a diverse background. It aims to strengthen the students’ understanding about important environmental concepts and enhance their ability to apply them.

To strengthen student’s professional status with updated and advanced knowledge and development in important and emerging environmental issues and concepts.
To enhance student’s ability in applying latest environmental concepts (technologies or management strategies) to local, regional and global environmental problems.
To provide professional and interdisciplinary training for graduates to prepare themselves to tackle the rapidly developing environmental issues in Hong Kong and the surrounding region.
To cultivate student’s stewardship towards sustainable development in their professional industries and sectors.

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