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In this course, we dive into the basic steps required to calibrate a model in Maxent.

You will learn the following:

Species Data Preparation: How to prepare your Species distribution data in excel spreadsheets. More usually than not, we receive species distribution data collected with a GPS device in spreadsheet format. Here you will learn how to prepare this data in the format required by Maxent.
Predictor variable Data Preparation: How to prepare environmental or predictor variables in the format required by Maxent. Maxent supports only specific formats of data, and we will walk through the process of preparing the data for use in the software.
Download Maxent: How download and install Maxent and increase the memory usable by the software. Sometimes, your data may be so heavy that Maxent runs out of memory. This course teaches you how to increase the memory available to Maxent.
Setting Maxent for a model run: How to set up Maxent, and customize the settings to change your model results.
Results Interpretation and Presentation: How to interpret the results generated by Maxent, and presenting the results in visual form using a GIS environment.

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