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Tropical Farming Systems (TFS) is a two-years Master’s study programme taught in English. The programme is oriented on modern farming systems in tropical regions of developing countries. The TFS study program covers the issue of crop production with emphasis on the long-term sustainability of farming systems and surrounding natural ecosystems. Furthermore, the program focuses on sustainable production, management and protection of domestic animals. The key element is minimizing the negative effects of animal husbandry on the environment and on the other hand, maximizing the use of healthy ecosystems for agricultural practice and the sustainable production of animal proteins. A very important element of the program is the orientation to food security, which plays a key role in the sustainable development of rural areas in all regions of the world and especially in developing countries. Strong emphasis is placed on the sustainable management of natural resources, innovative developmental approaches based on the support of small farmers and on the creation of knowledge capacities for building farms based on high quality agricultural production with high added value.

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