Webinar | How to get conservation experience

Does it feel like you're trapped in a 'catch-22'? You need conservation experience to land a conservation job... but you need a conservation job to get experience!


We asked our conservation community about the biggest barriers they face to working in conservation - and 'Getting conservation experience' was the #1 challenge.


While other job sectors have clear pathways to employment, paid internships and guaranteed jobs, it can feel frustrating and overwhelming trying to become employable as a conservationist.


But getting conservation experience can be much easier, less costly (and fun!) than you might think.

In this webinar we guide you through how to get conservation experience, using 10 years of experience at Conservation Careers and 30 years' experience in the sector. 


We've landed fantastic conservation internships and volunteering opportunities, and we've helped 1000s of aspiring conservationists find quality experiences, too.


You'll walk away with a step-by-step process to get conservation experience, armed with great resources - regardless of your financial situation, flexibility, age or career stage.


Meet your hosts

Dr Nick Askew


Nick is the Founder and Director of Conservation Careers and holds a PhD in the Behavioural Ecology of Barn Owls.


As a professional conservationist over the past 20 years. During his career, he has raised over £2,500,000 for conservation projects in 120 countries.


Since establishing Conservation Careers he has helped over 2,000 conservationists to get their careers on track.


Kristi Foster


Kristi is the Head of Programmes at Conservation Careers and has a Master´s in Conservation Biology.


Her conservation work has led over 9 years to Africa, UK, Australia and Latin America in everything from field work and environmental education to project management and communications.


Since joining Conservation Careers, she has coached over 100 conservationists 1:1 in career fulfillment, planning, applications and interviews.

What you'll learn

  • How to start from the future? By starting with a clear vision of future you, you're much more likely to find an experience that fulfils meaningful goals.

  • How to identify the right experience for you? Explore the different types of conservation experiences available, for all budgets, flexibility and personal preferences.

  • How to find experiences? From advertised opportunities to crafting your own role, finding a great experience is easier than you think.

  • How to avoid exploitation? Learn how to evaluate opportunities to maximise the chances that you'll walk away from your experience fulfilled.

  • How to land an experience? Whether you're submitting an application for an internship, or emailing an organisation 'cold', follow our process to ensure you stand out.

  • How to prepare for an experience? Whether you're working across cultures, living in the field, or balancing volunteering with work and family duties, learn how to make the most of it.

Bring your burning questions and we'll answer them in our live Q&A!


When | Monday 26th February 2024 7:00pm - 8:00pm UK time.

Where | The event will be held via Zoom. 

How | Please register your details below to get the details for how to participate.