Living, Learning, Working for Wildlife

Spend 12 weeks with us and leave with the skills you need for a career working in nature.

Accessing employment in conservation is tough. Higher education often struggles to provide the practical skills that employers demand. Our mission is to fill this skills gap.

Ambios offers a comprehensive residential training programme based on 130 acres of conservation farmland on the banks of South Devon’s River Dart. Over three months you’ll be immersed in education and learning experiences that will allow you to build the skills you need to move ahead with your career in nature conservation. We do this living and working as a community, farming the land while being committed to its ecological recovery.

This unique formula really works – as proven by our alumni who have a successful track record of moving into jobs within the conservation sector in the UK.

Key Facts

Residential training is perfect for:

Recent graduates needing practical skills to kick start their career
Someone considering a change of career into the conservation sector
Anyone looking for a unique experience immersed in the natural world

We operate an open recruitment policy and welcome applications from all.

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