The Action for Nature Manager will shape and drive our vision for Team Wilder, gathering data and intelligence from communities, ensuring that we reach new and diverse audiences and providing inclusive and accessible support which empowers them to take action.

Key Responsibilities:

Empowerment, action and movement building

  • Manage the Action for Nature Officers and support them to facilitate action, listening, reaching out to communities, and learning about them and developing localised implementation plans which identify ways in which the Trust can assist and support communities to organise themselves, take action and fight for change.
  • Ensure that our engagement is diverse, inclusive and accessible, allowing us to connect with communities and audiences are reflective of the communities of Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull.
  • Manage the Data and GIS Officer and support them to gather data to inform the Team Wilder implementation plan and to use GIS to showcase projects, programmes, and action through maps and GIS storyboards.
  • Develop a county wide plan for Team Wilder, using qualitative and quantitative data, ensuring that it is integrated across all areas of the Trust and that community organising is at the heart of creating a movement for Nature’s Recovery in Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull.
  • Develop and maintain relationships and engage and influence key partners across the county to ensure that we build a movement for Nature’s Recovery.
  • Facilitate regional and national collective action on nature’s recovery including developing and supporting campaigns.
  • Work with colleagues across the Wildlife Trust movement to maximise impact, using shared resources and learning from the experiences of other Trusts to create efficiencies.

Communications and Resources

  • Work with colleagues within WWT and across the Wildlife Trust movement to develop a suite of resources to support Team Wilder participants.
  • Develop training to support community learning and skills development and leadership within communities.
  • Work with the Marketing and Communications team to develop communications underpinned by the pathways to Nature Connectedness and to implement behaviour change learning into our communications in order to enact change.
  • Work with the Digital Marketing Officer to explore new ways to engage 1 in 4 people through online platforms and help foster a strong digital community that supports Team Wilder.
  • Actively seek funding to deliver the Team Wilder implementation plan across Warwickshire and support community organising programmes of work.

Measuring and showcasing impact

  • Work collectively with colleagues across the Wildlife Trust movement to develop measurement tools for Team Wilder.
  • Work with colleagues to collate baseline data for Team Wilder, including demographic data, wellbeing data, access to greenspace in communities
  • Utilise quantitative data to demonstrate the disparity between access to high quality, wildlife rich greenspace and different demographics.
  • Work alongside colleagues to facilitate the 30by30 campaign (30% of land and sea managed for nature’s recovery by 2030), working to identify where nature’s recovery should be spatially prioritised.
  • In line with monitoring across the Wildlife Trust movement monitor WWT work to show there is action for climate change, 1 in 4 people acting for wildlife, x% areas in recovery for nature, improvements in EDI stats, wider society benefits for communities and wellbeing.
  • Work with the Marketing and Communications team to use GIS to showcase projects, programmes, and action.

Management responsibilities

  • Line manage a team of Action for Nature Officers and a Data and GIS Officer.
  • Manage annual budgets, work programmes and reporting requirements for your area of work.
  • Effectively manage any grant funded projects, engage and report to the funder

General Responsibilities:

  • Promote the work, mission and vision of the Trust at all times.
  • Work across teams to develop and implement activity plans across the 2030 strategy business plan.
  • Use every opportunity commensurate with other duties to contribute to the Trust’s membership recruitment, fundraising and engagement of people.
  • Ensure a high level of customer service in all dealings with the public.
  • Ensure continuous development of skills and knowledge required for the post, undergoing training and performance review as required by the Trust.
  • Work within all the policies and procedures of the Trust, ensuring own compliance with the Trust’s health and safety policies and procedures and that of any resources for whom you are responsible.
  • Work at all times within the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust’s Equal Opportunities Policy and to promote equal opportunities.
  • Comply with all legal and contractual obligations concerning the responsibilities of your post.
  • Carry out any other reasonable duties commensurate with the level of responsibility of the post, as requested by the Chief Executive.