The International Wolf Center (IWC) is an educational organization that works to advance the survival of wolf populations by teaching about wolves, their relationship to wildlands and the human role in their future. All IWC employees are expected to represent IWC in the most positive manner with all members of IWC’s community and to interact effectively with IWC’s diverse group of staff, board members, volunteers, inters and partners. We expect all IWC employees to uphold the organizations mission, adhere to organizational standards of objectivity and scientific accuracy in all program activities, and handle confidential information with tact and discretion. The Assistant Curator assists with the care of the International Wolf Center’s live wolves to ensure their health and safety. Responsibilities include scheduled wolf checks, monitoring and recording health and behavior, food processing including road-killed deer, enclosure maintenance, assistance with programming and audio/visual records of wolf behavior. Under the general guidance of the Curator, the Assistant Curator will be trained to step into the role of leading the wolf care team in the Curator’s absence.  This position provides support to the Curator in quality control and management of the wolf care team as well as more intense medical situations that arise, providing a second set of skills for diagnosis and medical treatment.  Supervises: Wolf Care Staff, volunteers, program participants and student work-study.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Assist with daily wolf checks with other qualified wolf care staff per tier level evaluation
  • Maintain wolf care facilities and the enclosure in clean and good repair
  • Perform and record medication delivery to wolves as assigned
  • Maintain familiarity with historical medical, dietary and behavioral needs of each ambassador wolf
  • Acquire, prepare, and feed food to the wolves as directed by wolf needs/weather/feeding protocol
  • Conduct “What’s for Dinner” Feeding programs as scheduled
  • Assist with Wolf Enrichment programs and cooperative research proposals
  • Provide on-call service for wolf emergencies in the absence of the Curator
  • During a pup year – serve as lead coordinator for wolf care team management/socialization
  • Coordinate remote camera monitoring/documenting recordings with other wolf care staff
  • Coordinate with wolf care team to acquire weekly wolf log photos/video for web, medical, communication and education needs
  • Conduct educational programming as assigned
  • Respond to email requests/phone calls/Explore.org chat group as assigned
  • Act as instructional lead for Behind-the-Scenes requests
  • Check daily webcam functions and troubleshoot if necessary
  • Sort, name and file the photos and video in directory files – highlight high quality photos for products such as calendar, adoption kits, media, donor or member needs.
  • Process expense vouchers and enter data in spreadsheet
  • Assist with fundraising/donor/guardian efforts as directed by organization
  • Assist with scheduling of wolf care team



  • Experience with captive wolf management
  • Behavioral observation and interpretation skills related to wolf pack dynamics to anticipate wolf conflict, medical needs and handler safety issues during wolf care
  • Ability to demonstrate a calm, stable demeanor when interacting with wolves
  • Demonstrated ability to follow direction and protocols
  • Ability to lift and carry 50 pounds
  • Ability to complete Chemical Immobilization Training and assist with drug delivery and monitoring of wolves during medical exams
  • Must have a valid operator’s license with no restrictions other than corrective lenses
  • Must complete prescribed inoculations for pre-Rabies, Tetanus and Covid 19 vaccines
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills and attention to detail


  • Experience with socialized captive wolves
  • Experience in public speaking/presentations
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Technology skills to use audio/visual equipment and to create, manipulate and utilize images produced from digital capturing devices
  • Mechanical skills to operate machinery such as snow blowers, air compressors, pressure washers, power tools, chainsaws, weedeaters as part of facility maintenance