The Atelier Aquatic SEA change programme (Scientific research, Environmental education, Aquatic Action) is designed to bring all the Atelier Aquatic projects together for maximum impact in positive change for healthy diverse Oceans and sustainable development for dependant communities.

The Atelier Aquatic SEA programme is supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14; Life Below Water (www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment).

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Volunteer Testimonials

“My new year’s resolution was to escape the human world and to learn more about animals and plant species. Over the month it was an absolute delight to see dolphins, turtles, sea slugs, lion fish, cuttle fish and some mesmerising soft corals in such diversity. Learning about coral reefs and the different creatures that make it their home was truly fascinating… We need not go to space to look for new life – it truly is another world underwater. Now we just need to work to preserve the life that surrounds.” Alice – Japan/UK.

“I volunteered with Atelier Aquatic initially to connect with people and communities through art but got so much more out of the experience. The people of Port Barton are what makes it such a special place and I met some wonderful people. I loved the process, from collaborating with local artists to the final pieces we created for the community. Anita and Sam were fantastic guides throughout the projects and I will definitely be coming back!” Jack – Peterborough, UK.

“I was inspired by the Atelier Aquatic Ecobricks project. As an builder I was excited to see practical and accessible solutions to plastic recycling and zero waste building. I was honoured to be involved in the process, I will take all that I have learnt back to my home country, thank you! ” Marco- Argentina, S. America.

” I volunteered with Atelier Aquatic during my trip to Port Barton in Spring 2018 and had the best time! A holiday is made much more memorable and valuable when you get the opportunity to find out about the place you in and the people who live there. I helped out on Atelier Aquatic’s Marine Mural projects, an ambitious project that made the entrance to Port Barton brighter, more inviting and colourful. Behind the project was a vision to creatively communicate the important message about the precarious situation of sealife in Port Barton and further afield. I really enjoyed getting to be creative and supporting local young people to do the same and had a lot of fun whilst doing so. I would highly recommend getting involved in Atelier Aquatics activities and helping to make a difference” Sam- Bristol, UK.

“I volunteered on a community art/marine education project. It was amazing to see how much the community could learn about marine conservation from creative participation projects. I come from an education background and it was great to see the ownership and empowerment of the people involved, most important it was fun!” Kate, Canada.

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Internships are also available on request, please email for more information; [email protected].