Internship Dates

Summer Internship: May- August (12-16 weeks) *Deadline for application- February 1st or until positions are filled* 

Fall Internship: August 23rd – October (6-10 weeks) *Deadline for application- July 19th or until positions are filled* 

*Internship schedule is flexible and we will work with student’s schedules!*

General Overview

REGI offers both Rehabilitation and Education internships. Interns will gain hands-on experience in the field of avian wildlife rehabilitation and education. Our Rehabilitation Internship focuses on raising orphaned birds, avian wildlife nutrition, animal housing, physical therapy, capture and restraint, educating the public and safety techniques. Our Education Internship focuses on environmental education through onsite tours, public outreach programs, summer camp, lesson plan development as well as training and providing enrichment for our education raptors. Interns will get to work in both departments and assist with public education programs, staffing the rehabilitation clinic, coordinating rescues, and other duties assigned by the permanent rehabilitation and education staff.

Most of the teaching/learning experiences will be hands-on!

Interns should have a strong interest in avian rehabilitation or environmental  education. We prefer candidates that are pursuing a degree in wildlife, captive wildlife, biology, environmental education or a closely related field. Other fields of interest will be considered.

Internship Program Objectives
  • Develop the skills needed to utilize feeding preparation and animal feeding.
  • Develop the skills to manage routine animal handling, and assisting staff with capture and restraint.
  • Develop the knowledge of general care including weighing, observing, jess care, beak and talon care, and keeping adequate records of that care.
  • Develop skills to treat birds which are admitted for rehabilitation including; tube feeding, minor wound care, analyzing the extent of injury, and round the clock care.
  • Develop speaking skills to present educational and conservation information on a variety of bird species. All interns will learn a part of the public tours and aid in presentation of the tour on at least one occasion.
  • Develop specific, teaching/interpretive behaviors that are essential to educate, inform, and welcome all visitors.
  • Develop the ability to cooperate, work with, and be courteous to all staff in a variety of situations, which often include emotionally charged situations.
Compensation And Hours
  • Internships are unpaid
  • Onsite housing available
  • Internships range from 6-16 weeks long
  • If a special project is needed to complete your internship for credit we are happy to work out those details with you individually based on your interests

How To Apply

If you are interested in applying for an internship at Raptor Education Group, Inc, please email your cover letter, resume, and three references to our Avian Care Manager Katie Helland at khelland@raptoreducationgroup.org.