The Bat Conservation Trust has been running the NBMP since 1996, making it the longest running multi-species monitoring programme for mammals in the UK. The NBMP currently produces statistically robust population trends for 11 of the UK’s 17 breeding bat species. Since 1996 more than 3500 volunteers have taken part in our surveys at over 6800 roost or field sites around the UK.

BCT is working towards further research so bat species and trend data can act as indicators of environmental quality, and aims to expand the programme to deliver sufficient sample sizes to report at a local level for all species surveyed.

Purpose of the job

  • To support the NBMP and potentially other projects (depending on the needs of BCT and if the role is
    extended to include these)
  • To work with the Monitoring Manager and NBMP Survey Coordinator to administer the NBMP on a dayto-day basis to ensure the smooth running of the programme.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. NBMP training support
    • Work with NBMP trainers to organise training workshops
    • Help update the NBMP Training Strategy
    • Assist with reviewing and updating NBMP workshop resources
  2. NBMP surveys support
    • Support the activities of volunteers participating in the NBMP
    • Assist with the implementation of the volunteer recruitment and development plan
    • Contribute to and edit the Bat Monitoring Post e-bulletin
    • Other tasks as required
  3. Reporting
    • Contribute to producing the NBMP Annual Report.

The role may be extended to include additional hours supporting other projects depending on the needs of the organisation and the availability of the candidate.