Boost your conservation career: Get certified skills in designing, implementing and monitoring conservation projects at https://www.mywildlearning.com/lms/

Start an online course today and join other conservationists from around the world learning how to run a real conservation project. All you need is an internet connection and a smart phone to get started. All the training courses are free but, to cover the costs of making this training available to all, there is a £50 charge for the (optional) online exams that lead to certification.

Why learn with us?

Getting a job in conservation or progressing in your conservation career often requires showing that you have the skills to design and deliver conservation projects that will have a measurable impact on biodiversity. Learning with us will enable you to get certified in those skills so that your CV will stand out from others applying for the same positions or promotion. More importantly, these skills may actually help you have more of an impact on the species and ecosystems you care about. We know these skills work because we have built on existing best practises and actually tried and tested our approaches in the field.

What you will learn

You will learn key skills in how to design and deliver a conservation project. Specifically you will learn how to:

  • Apply principles that keep your project on track and have more impact
  • Assign roles to your team so that they all have clear levels of decision making
  • Break down a project into manageable phases
  • Deal with risks and issues as they arise
  • Use standardised template to help document, monitor, and report on your project work

What to expect

All our courses are:

  • Online
  • Mobile friendly
  • Free (apart from a small charge for taking the optional exams to get certified)
  • Social – you can share your experiences and learn from other conservationists
  • Linked to the Project Management for Wildlife Conservation approach

Find out more at https://www.mywildlearning.com/lms/