C4 EcoSolutions (www.c4es.co.za) is a consulting company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our primary work involves the design and implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation projects in the public, private and non-governmental sectors. The four C’s represent the company’s four focal areas, namely: Climate, Community, Conservation and Carbon. The diverse skill set amongst the C4 team of professionals — including climate science, ecology, soil science, conservation planning, public policy and administration, physical and human geography, and economics — enables us to integrate these four focal areas into our projects. The company’s portfolio consequently covers an expansive range of topics in diverse global settings and contexts, including a strong focus on ecosystem-based adaptation as well as the social and economic aspects underpinning ecological restoration. Our current projects extend across 20-plus countries in Africa, Central and South-East Asia, the South Pacific and the Caribbean, as well as regional projects in Southern Africa, the Greater Horn of Africa and Central America. C4 is also deeply involved in global initiatives such as the design of the strategy for the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration (http://www.decadeonrestoration.org).

The C4 office provides its dedicated and highly professional staff with a vibrant corporate environment that:

  • enables the development of customised solutions for adapting to climate change and conserving global biodiversity;
  • encourages collaboration and teamwork to assist our clients to make informed decisions through highquality and professional knowledge products; and
  • promotes a learning-by-doing approach to the design and implementation of innovative projects and programmes for a wide range of United Nations agencies across the globe.

We are currently expanding our team to meet the demands of the global climate crisis and are seeking talented, motivated individuals to join the 2020 Internship Programme.

The C4 2020 Internship Programme

Over the past three years, C4 EcoSolutions has hosted an annual, paid internship programme designed to kickstart careers in the field of climate change and development, creating the opportunity for individuals to join our dynamic team of consultants. In 2020, C4 will once again bring together a diverse group of graduates and early-career professionals for an internship programme focussing on the design and implementation of innovative climate change development projects that benefit the world’s most vulnerable communities.

The 2020 Internship Programme will be run in three stages, with the most promising individuals progressing to the next round at the end of each stage. Through this programme, we aim to equip participants with the skills necessary to actively contribute to project development and hopefully join our team for the long term. C4 actively seeks to advance staff from the internship programme to full-time employment as an analyst or consultant; many of the current C4 staff are graduates of past internship programmes.

Stage 1: Training (16 March – 10 April 2020)

Candidates selected for the first stage will undergo a one-month training course presented by C4’s team of consultants. This course will expose participants to the intricacies of climate change adaptation, focussing on accessing climate finance through global funds such as the Green Climate Fund (GCF), Adaptation Fund (AF) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF). Throughout the process, the programme will draw on real life examples, as well as a series of theoretical exercises to foster a firm, practical understanding of the project development process. Training topics will include:

  • an introduction to global climate finance;
  • an introduction to ecosystem-based adaptation;
  • defining the climate rationale of a project;
  • assessing climate change vulnerabilities;
  • structuring a climate change project for the GEF and GCF;
  • managing the project development process; and
  • writing in the appropriate style for UN clients (including practical writing exercises).

Stage 2: Experiential Learning (13 April – 15 May 2020)

Individuals who excel during the initial training course will be invited to join the team for a month of experiential learning. During this month, interns will work directly with C4’s team of professional climate change and environmental consultants on live projects, gaining direct exposure to the practical aspects of project design and management.

Stage 3: Full Internship (18 May – 31 December 2020)

At the end of the experiential learning period, there will be an opportunity for individuals to join the C4 team on a full internship where they will be deeply involved in project development. Selection for the full internship will be based on performance during the training and experiential learning stages.

Prerequisites for selection

  • An Honours or Master’s degree in one or more of the following disciplines: Ecology, Agriculture, Climatology, Development Studies, Environmental Science/Management, Public Policy and Administration, Political Science, Gender Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, Environmental Economics, Geography (human, economic and physical), Soil Science, Geology, Botany, and Zoology.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English. • An ability to work well under pressure and meet tight deadlines.
  • An interest in and enthusiasm for frequent and extensive travel to countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Advantageous, but not exclusionary criteria

  • Proficiency in specialised analytical techniques is beneficial, particularly statistical analysis, R, GIS and remote sensing.
  • Working proficiency in French, Spanish and/or Portuguese, in addition to English.

Remuneration. A stipend will be provided during the training and experiential learning stages, with renumeration during the internship being dependent on work experience and qualifications. If employment follows the internship, a market-related salary will apply.

Applications: Please send a cover letter, a short CV and contact details of three referees to Debbie Buckley ([email protected]). Applications close on 31 January 2020. The recruitment process for shortlisted candidates will entail a writing test and an interview. Spaces are limited to 20 participants; please submit your application as soon as possible. C4 reserves the right to select participations solely at its discretion and to reduce the number of participants if insufficient suitable applications are received.