Are you a young person aged 18-30, passionate about climate change, and want to ignite, inspire and support young people to take positive action? Help us deliver climate justice workshops to schools in London.

About the workshop: This two-hour workshop covers what climate justice is, how to cope with feelings of eco-anxiety, and how to take action by planning a school-focused campaign.

About Volunteers for Future: Our vision is a world where all young people feel informed, inspired and empowered to take action to protect people, wildlife, and ecosystems. We are a non-profit social enterprise powered by passionate volunteers.

About UKYCC: The UK Youth Climate Coalition mobilises and empowers young people to take positive action for global climate justice. They are a voluntary, youth-led organisation committed to challenging systems of oppression and being a catalyst for change.

Why you should join: To build upon your knowledge of climate justice; to develop experience in climate change education; to  engage, inspire and support young people; to develop your skills, confidence and experience in public speaking, engagement and facilitation; to be part of a high energy volunteer team, supporting each other within climate justice efforts; and to strengthen your CV

Who are we looking for: Young people who are personable, have great energy and can approach the topic of climate justice with a positive and energising mindset, are passionate about building a better world for our communities, wildlife and the environment, are motivated and enthusiastic about working towards climate justice, and want to support young people to be heard.

We strongly encourage applications from people of colour, LGBTQIA+ candidates, individuals from marginalised genders, disabled people, people on low income, and people of faith.

Your application will be successful if you are: aged 18-30;  willing to support us for 4-6 hours per month during the week; are located in or near London; and consent to us completing a DBS check on your behalf.

What you can expect from us: All the training you need to deliver the climate justice workshop, including classroom management skills, and how to facilitate group discussions amongst young people. Become part of our network of volunteers who are passionate about making a positive change in the climate space. Reimbursement for travel costs when delivering in-person workshops.

We understand that volunteering is dependent on your availability – if the 4-6 hrs monthly time commitment doesn’t work for you, we can discuss suitable adjustments.

We are committed to breaking down the barriers to participation in the UK movement for climate justice and we always welcome your feedback in how we can better support our volunteers to engage fully.

“I absolutely loved volunteering for VFF. The workshops are well organised, fun, interactive and educational. But, the most rewarding part for me, is listening to the amazing feedback from the children and teachers, realising that you have made a positive impact and that maybe, in some small way, you have helped towards creating a better future for our planet and its inhabitants.”

Laura S, VFF volunteer

Like the sound of this and want to get involved? Then you can complete our application, or email us at laura@volunteersforfuture.org