The Communications Internship provides learning opportunities and practical work experience in
communicating research, extension and education projects to diverse audiences in coastal
Georgia. During the summer 2021, the communications team will collaborate with the water
quality program to complete outreach deliverables for a funded project called “Experiential
learning to foster appreciation and conservation of coastal wetlands.”

• Design a series of educational signs and kiosks to educate pre-K-5 students and the general public about wetland ecology
• Use illustration and/or graphic design to create original works highlighting the beauty of wetlands
• Integrate wildlife photography into educational products, including trail signs and kiosks
• Expand knowledge, skills and abilities in science writing and communication
• Organize material into web and social media content highlighting coastal habitats
• Prepare one or more STEM/STEAM lesson plans or educational activities targeting middle school students
• Work with faculty and staff to review, edit and finalize deliverables (digital graphics, written content, layout, design, etc.)
• Assist with outreach events and other communications activities as needed

Project Description:
The communications program strives to advance Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant’s
brand identity, broaden awareness of the organization and its priorities, and increase the visibility
of the program by sharing activities, accomplishments and project deliverables with appropriate
audiences. At times, the communications team works directly with extension faculty to develop
specific project deliverables. During the summer 2021, the Communications Intern will
collaborate with the unit’s Water Quality Program to produce a series of wetland-focused
educational products for the funded project, “Experiential learning to foster appreciation and
conservation of coastal wetlands.”

The internship will combine elements of extension, education, communications and design. The
intern will learn about the ecology of wetlands and translate information into informative and
interactive elements to be featured along the Discovery Trail at Oglethorpe Point Elementary
School on Saint Simons Island. The intern will work closely with the communications director
and the water quality program coordinator to create original works celebrating the beauty of
wetlands and coastal habitats. The intern will organize content for web and social media and develop one or more lesson plans or educational activities for middle grades as time permits.

The intern will assist with outreach events and other communications activities as needed and will
prepare a presentation to give at the conclusion of the internship reflecting on the experience.
This position is eligible for Experiential Learning Credit through participating universities.
Experiential Learning is the development of knowledge, skills, abilities, values, behaviors and
attitudes through first-hand experiences outside of the traditional classroom. Many colleges and
universities provide credit to students who participate in Experiential Learning activities. For
UGA students, Experiential Learning credit is required for graduation. For more information
about how to receive Experiential Learning credits through your university, speak to your
academic advisor. It is the responsibility of the intern to enroll in a credit-based course prior to
internship start date.

Location and Hours:
• Duration: 8 weeks during the summer (beginning around June 1), 40 hours/week

• This internship is available as in-person, remote or hybrid. The in-person internship can
be based at any of UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant’s offices. They are
located in:
o Athens, Georgia (1180 E. Broad St.)
o Brunswick, Georgia (715 Bay St.)
o Savannah, Georgia (20 Ocean Science Cir.)

• Must be currently enrolled in an accredited college or university
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Experience using MS Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), Adobe Create Suite, email and social media
• Ability to function as a productive member of the Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant faculty, staff and intern team
• Participant must complete I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification upon being hired