Break free from your everyday, connect with nature and make treasured memories as you explore the reefs and rainforests of Panama!


  • Zapatilla Cayes Beach, Kayak, & Snorkel
  • Organic Chocolate Farm Visit
  • Canopy Tower Observation & Wildlife Spotting Hike
  • Mangrove Kayak & Coral Reef Snorkel

About Our Partner

Conservation Careers has teamed up with an authentic, all-inclusive Eco Adventure Lodge resort in Bocas del Toro, Panama specializing in wildlife vacation experiences. Their 200-acre private conservation reserve is the perfect place to disconnect from the everyday, try new things, learn about nature, and relax with your party members.

Our partner cares deeply about Bocas del Toro, Panama and has comprehensive sustainability practices to preserve the area’s natural resources for the long term and to pass a legacy to future generations. They are part of Regenerative Resorts, a collection of independent hotels with highest levels of environmental and social impact to ensure that your vacation meets your values.

  • Over 200 acres in private conservation reserve
  • Over 550 species on bird list
  • Over 15 years in business
  • Over 20,000 curated adventures

If you register your interest below, we’ll put you in touch with our partner to take the booking and to plan your trip!

Conservation Impact

Conservation Careers has partnered with Terra Incognita to bring you tours and adventures that meet an Ethical Code of Conduct for Ecotourism, assuring you of their commitment to wildlife and local communities.

Conservation Careers is a Founding Partner of the Ethical Ecotourism Code of Conduct, which has been generated by a global community that includes over 80 ecotourism operators, industry experts, media representatives, local and Indigenous people and tourists.

Our Conservation Travel opportunities are for people who want their travel choices to have a net positive contribution to conservation. Explore all our Conservation Travel opportunities.

A Unique Experience

Creature comforts 

No need to give up your creature comforts here. Hot showers, air-conditioning, a comfortable bed, and handcrafted meals made with fresh local ingredients welcome you at the end of your adventures each day. Communal dining and private cabanas allow you to both share time with other guests and have your own private space.

Personal service

We understand that selecting a vacation destination is a tough decision. If you make the right choice, you experience a sustainable get-away. Make the wrong selection, and you feel like you are lost in a crowd. Since 2005, guests have trusted us with their precious vacation time. We are passionate about observing wildlife and supporting individuals, families, and groups. Our naturalist guides use hiking, kayaking, and snorkeling to explore Bocas del Toro, Panama.

Space to roam

You want some space to move around during your vacation. Many accommodations look like a great idea in pictures, but without much land, they may feel confining. Each of our cabanas is spacious, with plenty of room between you and your neighbors. Our nature preserve encompasses 200 plus forested acres of Panama’s Western Caribbean Coast and over a kilometer of Caribbean coastline.

Off the beaten path

Using the lodge as your base camp positions you to see and do more. If you are into eco-adventures such as birding and wildlife watching, hiking, snorkeling the coral reef, kayaking, or forest ecology, be prepared for the experience of a lifetime. You may book your vacation on an a la carte basis or select a package itinerary.


People are tethered to their habits and technology – so much so that they rarely turn off. At the lodge, your vacation experience disconnects you from the everyday. We believe turning off both literally and figuratively is essential, thus no internet or television in our cabanas. We have wifi in the main building. After spending unplugged time in nature, you return home renewed and personally connected.

7 Night Package

  • From USD $1325 per person /double occupancy
  • 3 days offsite excursions included
  • Package available January 7 – December 15 annually

Day One: Arrival

A representative will meet you at the airport in Bocas Town and assist you with your entry into Bocas del Toro. Upon arrival you will leisurely settle into your cabana.

Day Two: Snorkel & Beach trip to Zapatilla Cayes

These two unspoiled islands are protected by Bastimentos National Marine Park. These pristine white sand islands are covered in coconut palms, tropical hardwoods, sea grapes, and almond trees draped in a collage of bromeliads, ferns, orchids and other epiphytes. It is possible to walk around these islands while stopping to explore the white sand beaches and reefs covering the entire circumference. Snapper, barracuda and vivid tropical fish abound on the beautiful reefs surrounding the area.

Day Three: Trails & Canopy Observation Tower

Our grounds include over 200 acres with several kilometers of forested trails covering different habitats. This forest and its edge are home to many of Isla Bastimentos common favorites including multiple raptors, Montezuma Oropendolas, Red-lored Parrots, hummingbirds, 5-species of kingfishers, Green Ibis, tityras, woodpeckers, honeycreepers, tanagers, pigeons, antbirds, manakins, seedeaters, and herons, and, in season Three-wattled Bellbirds. White-faced Capuchins, three and two toed sloths, green iguanas, basilisk lizards, butterflies and poison dart frogs are also common on these trails. After dinner try to spot some of the local nocturnal residents such as the Common Potoo, Owls, Western Night Monkey, Four-eyed opossum, Wooly opossum, Crab-eating raccoon, Speckled Caiman and bats.

Day Four: Cacao Plantation Tour

Following breakfast, we will deploy by boat on a 15-minute passage trek across Dolphin Bay for the Green Acres Cacao Plantation. Guided by the owners and operators of the facility, we will tour their gardens as they present us with extensive information about his farm. It is here where one of the rarest strands of cacao plant in the world, the Criollo, is grown. Details of their modest but extraordinary chocolate manufacturing techniques will accompany; including growth of the trees, a step-by-step process of how chocolate is made from bean to bar and a sample of the farm’s product.

Multiple varieties of tropical birds and the dendrobates auratus (black and green poison dart frog) all live onsite for your discovery. This humble group and their unique project of growing cacao to save the rainforest, while making unparalleled chocolate, are not to be missed.

Day Five: Kayak & Snorkel Jellyfish Lagoon

You may decide to take today’s excursion either in the morning or in the afternoon. Our guides will take you on a kayak to a nearby jellyfish lagoon. You will search out water life above and below the surface focusing on the beautiful upside down jellyfish. Once you make your way out of the lagoon, you will snorkel at various spots in the bay near the lodge to see a wide variety of underwater animals.

Day Six: Indigenous Village Visit Jungle Hike and Snorkel

Following breakfast, we will leave the facility for a 15-minute boat ride to an indigenous village. Once we arrive at the island, we will continue up a path into the community. We will spend some time with the community and learn a bit about their lives. As we enter the trail, the dense rainforest canopy is full of exotic tropical plants. Wildlife sightings may include white-faced monkeys, two- and three-toed sloths, green iguanas, lizards, poison dart frogs, butterflies, and a plethora of exotic birds. We return to the boat and take a refreshing snorkel and swim then we head back to the lodge.

Day Seven: Explore the Bay & its surrounds

Today, you have the choice in the morning or the afternoon between a guided hike on our two-mile nature trail watching for wildlife or a leisurely kayak and snorkeling session.

Day Eight: Depart 

4 Night Package

  • From USD $1100 per person / double occupancy
  • 2 days offsite excursions included

Day One: Arrival – Afternoon arrival

Day Two: Snorkel & Beach trip to Zapatilla Cayes

Day Three: Trails & Canopy Observation Tower

Day Four: Cacao Plantation Tour or Indigenous Village Jungle Hike & Snorkel

Day Five: Depart

Package Includes

  • Transfers between Bocas Town and the lodge on either Wednesday or Saturday afternoons. At any other time $100 for boat.
  • Meals and Beverages at the lodge:
    Dinner-3-5 course meal
    Snacks available all the time
    Beverages – Non alcoholic, Panamanian beer, House South American Wine, Panamanian Rum
  • Deluxe Air Conditioned Cabanas
  • Access to water and land activities directly from the lodge
  • Excursions as designated in the itinerary
  • Taxes in addition to package price

COVID-19 policy and safety

Our team has been hard at work to ensure that necessary measures are in place to ensure both guests and our team members remain safe and healthy.

We are taking precautions to minimize exposure by enacting protocols based on recommendations, guidelines, and requirements issued by numerous North American health organizations, international organizations, and the Panamanian public health agency.

We have a comprehensive Biosecurity Protocol in place, which covers:

  • Masks
  • General precautions and reminders
  • Arrival
  • Transportation
  • Dining
  • Programming activities & excursions
  • COVID acknowledgement & symptoms

Once you register your interest using the form below, you’ll receive full details and a copy of the Biosecurity Protocol.

Payments & Rescheduling

We appreciate that people who want to travel may have concerns about the unknowns associated with doing so post COVID-19. We also do not know how everything will unfold. To make it easier for you in the post-COVID-19 business environment, we have changed our payment and cancellation policies for reservations made from September 15, 2020, onward.

Going forward, guests make a deposit for each person in their party to finalize their reservation. Then, ninety days before the reservation start date, the next payment is due. It is 30% of the total amount for the stay. Thirty days prior to the reservation start date, the remainder of the stay is due. This payment is the total stay amount less the previous deposits.

Payments must be made when due or the reservation will be canceled. All payments made are non-refundable, however, all amounts paid may be used towards a future stay within 36 months from the original travel date.

Once you register your interest using the form below, you’ll receive full details of Payments & Rescheduling.

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