We are seeking remote course content writers, assessors and tutors in the subject area of Environmental Education.

Changing attitudes and educating people (children and adults) is fast becoming more important in conservation as we strive to reach new audiences and increase our efforts.

Environmental education can be teaching anyone from toddlers to adults about the natural world. There are a growing number of roles within local charities (like the Wildlife Trusts or Zoos) for educators. At the other end of the spectrum, you might be interested in becoming a lecturer or teaching fellow at a college or university.

Typical job titles within the area are Learning Officer, Education Officer, Environmental Educator, Schools Outreach Officer, Learning Assistant, Schools Outreach Project Officer and Education Assistant. Their duties often cover:

  • Leading a wide variety of environmental education sessions for school groups and families.
  • Delivering community events to promote conservation work.
  • Delivering interpretation and training programmes.
  • Promoting membership schemes.

We’re seeking experienced professionals working in this area to develop a UK course syllabus and associated materials which outline the key topics, and help people take a solid first step towards a fulfilling career in this area.

Applicants must be experienced and qualified in the topic, and assessors must hold an assessors/ teaching qualification. An IQA qualification would be an advantage.

We operate a completely flexible remote working model. Working on a self-employed Contract for Services basis, the role initially involves course writing. Once live, you’ll have the opportunity to also be involved and tutor students, assess work remotely via our online training portal.

You will be responsible for organising and managing your own workload to a deadline whilst maintaining the highest level of standards.

Each of our subject areas is faculty driven and whilst self-employed you will have direct contact with a Head of Faculty to support with the learner caseload allocations.

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of our national tutor team and the learndirect brand, so if you think you can make a difference for our students then please apply by submitting your CV to lucycox@animalcoursesdirect.co.uk