Discover the power of virtual reality and experience the ocean as a local! Join us on our journey to pioneer the use of immersive media for marine protection and make people fall in love with the ocean! 

Cyan Planet is expanding its Ambassador & Advisory network to help connect people with the ocean and marine organizations. Create deep emotional experiences and spark action in support of marine conservation with us.

As a Cyan Planet Ambassador you will: 

  • Be involved in our organizational decisions and projects
  • Help shape the new era of entertainment with impact
  • Support immersive media productions in collaboration with marine organizations
  • Take part in the production of our flagship project “How is the Water”, a virtual reality game labeled as the ultimate ocean experience and one of the best immersive projects in development worldwide by the Cannes Film Festival.
  • Circulate and share the love for the ocean utilizing the newest technology

Ambassadors will gain experience in fundraising, social media, community engagement, and impact management. Ambassador hours are very flexible and can be done from anywhere and everywhere – perks include getting early access to immersive projects, impact campaigns, people, and marine organizations as well as monthly seminar meetings, prototype testing, and spotlights and features in our project lists and social media! 

This is an unpaid, volunteer position.


  • Minimum of 1 Action or 15 minutes a day for Cyan Planet 
  • Outreach & Communication on behalf of Cyan Planet 
  • Engage and take part in meetings, brainstorm sessions and group chats, and conversations surrounding Cyan Planet, our partners, and other Ambassadors! 
  • Social media platforms engagement
  • Optionally – Support for immersive media productions
  • Optionally – Content creation

Work Conditions

  • Fully remote, online monthly meetings and group chat check-ins 


  • Love for this planet and the ocean!
  • Drive to make a difference, using innovative technology to spark action for marine conservation!
  • Energy and Passion for sharing our mission and spreading the word with everyone!
  • Well, internet connection 🙂

To apply for this position, please send a short email of why you would like to join the Cyan Planet Ambassador team and a short bio to hannah@cyanplanet.org

Ambassador Onboarding Slide Deck

About Cyan Planet

Cyan Planet pioneers the use of immersive media like virtual reality to evoke empathy for life in the ocean and spark action in support of marine conservation.

Cyan Planet is a social enterprise founded in 2019 in Germany and a non-profit incorporated in the US. We use the power of virtual reality and immersive media to inspire, educate about the science of marine ecosystems, and to create a global community that acts for marine conservation. Our immersive projects reconnect humanity with nature and ultimately solve the human’s alienation of nature that led to its destruction and unsustainable exploitation through humans.

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