If you have a passion for the conservation of vulnerable marine species then you may be what we are looking for.

DMAD – Marine Mammals Research Association are now accepting applications for interns as part of their Montenegro Dolphin Research project for the winter season (September 2019 onwards).

Interns will take part in boat and land-based cetacean surveys and assist researchers to collect vital distribution, behavioural and photo-identification data in order to aid the conservation of dolphins and other marine life in Montenegro. Interns will get the opportunity to contribute to technical reports and peer-reviewed journal articles and long term interns will have the opportunity to conduct their own research projects.

You will receive training in:

Field modules
1 – Introduction to using a theodolite for marine mammal studies – theory
2 – Introduction to using a theodolite for marine mammal studies – practical
3 – Introduction to cetacean behavioural studies
4 – Environmental data collection training using ZyGRIB
5 – Recording cetacean and marine vessel distribution using Pythagoras – infield training
6 – Recording infield environmental data – infield training
7 – Recording data on boat surveys using Logger 2010 Software
8 – Designing surveys using Distance Software
9 – Mark-recapture training using photo identification

Discovery – Photo Identification software
1 – Setup of discovery software
2 – Importing and categorising photos in the catalogue
3 – Identifying and matching individuals

1 – The research question and the perfect data set
2 – Importing data in GIS and displaying coordinates
3 – Coordinate systems and projections and corrections to data sets
4 – Survey Areas
5 – Kernel densities
6 – Fishnet

1 – Introduction to MDR and DMAD
2 – Data entry and proof
3 – Writing an effective research paper
We hope to see you soon as part of our team


For more information visit our website: www.DMAD.org.tr or e-mail: [email protected]
For applications please send a CV and cover letter to: [email protected]