A.I.S., Inc. (AIS) is a national scientific services firm supporting maritime activities requiring certification of compliance with environmental regulations as well as collecting data for use by Federal, State, Municipal, and other government agencies along the US coastline. AIS Inc. is recruiting for experienced Endangered Species Observer to monitor operations of a beach construction project along Rockaway Beach on Long Island, NY in support of an U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project.
Primary Function:
Endangered species observation (ESO) support to include implementing protective measures around nesting sites of piping plover, red knot and sea beach amaranth.
Duties include, but not limited to:
  • Daily monitoring for, as well as sign posting and buffer establishment for the federally endangered piping plover, threatened red knot species and threatened sea beach amaranth.
  • ESO’s will work when construction is occurring during daylight hours only, Monday through Friday.
  • Identification of piping plover territorial, courtship and nesting areas.
  • Documenting location, erection and maintenance of signage and string fencing around such areas
  • Documenting behavior and other essential data and placement of predator enclosures around identified nesting sites
  • Documenting data on logs in an organized manner.

Compensation: Candidates will be paid an hourly rate to be negotiated and total compensation will vary depending on employee’s availability and fishing effort.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • 4-year degree with major in biological sciences
  • Demonstrated experience identifying piping plover and red knot species.
  • Fit for field work physical (must be certified by a primary care physician)
Travel paid for by contracting company. Compensation for miles accrued in a personal vehicle as well as daily per diem.
Applicants must be currently living, or be willing to live, in Rockaway Beach, New York
If you would like to apply for this exciting new opening, please click the following link http://aisobservers.com/careers/ to submit the required information:
  1. Resume
  2. Cover letter detailing sea and fish experience.
  3. 3 professional references (name, email address and phone number),
All documents must be submitted for your application to be considered.
If you have any questions pertaining to this opening please feel free to call William Byrd at williamb@aisobservers.com or 774-762-7019.