EnvironmentalGrants.org is a collaborative blog and a network of professionals from different sectors committed to promoting the use of available funding and related resources for environmental and wildlife research, management and conservation around the world.

We have an ambitious mission: building up the largest searchable database of donors funding environmental projects, as well as a community of fundraisers and conservationists which exchange best practices, tips, job offers, grant and training opportunities.

We are all volunteers and looking forward to expanding our team.

In particular, we seek passionate and dedicated professionals with at least minimal knowledge of / experience in funding scoping / fundraising willing to commit to analyse donors’ websites and interests, summarise key information and making it accessible to non-experts via articles to be published once a month.

Articles must follow the same format as the other posts appearing on our website.
Authors’ name, picture, biography and social media links will always appear under their articles.

Join us! Contribute to a good cause while boosting your visibility and personal brand and connecting with peers.

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