This multi-faceted graduate fellowship program in natural science education at Walking Mountains Science Center is a full-time, 2 year and 3 month professional development program that focuses on K-12 field science education, leadership, and helping to grow a reputable nonprofit organization.

We are now accepting applications for 2021-2023! Apply here.

This position is responsible for serving the organization with a personal commitment to awakening a sense of wonder and inspiring environmental stewardship and sustainability though natural science education. The Natural Science Educator position requires dedication to experiential learning, environmental education, natural science education, and life-long learning. The Natural Science Educator coordinates and teaches natural science programming both in the classroom and in the field during our summer science camps and school field programs. In addition to teaching responsibilities, Natural Science Educators simultaneously participate in a Master of Arts graduate program through University of Northern Colorado’s School of Biological Sciences, College of Natural and Health Sciences and Extended Campus. Natural Science Educators are enrolled in courses taught at Walking Mountains Science Center and online. Upon successful completion of all required coursework and responsibilities of the 2 year and 3 month position, Natural Science Educators will earn a Master of Arts Degree in Science Education from the University of Northern Colorado (UNC).

Each semester (summer, fall, and spring) Natural Science Educators will be enrolled in two courses simultaneously, ranging between 3-6 credits per semester. One course each semester is taught in seminar and discussion format during the regular work week, and is scheduled around field teaching responsibilities. The second course each semester is online, and generally self-paced. Course readings and assignments are required, most of which will take place outside of the Natural Science Educator’s regularly scheduled work week. Coursework is designed to enhance teaching by providing resources related to instructional strategies, student developmental abilities, curriculum design philosophy and practice, educational research, science content knowledge, and history and theory related to the field of environmental education in general. The program culminates with an action research project and presentation, which serves as the comprehensive exam.

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