Visit amazing natural areas, find and photograph amphibians, and learn about ecology from local and international experts – at a time and place of your own choosing!

Custom Ecotours are designed for wildlife enthusiasts who want to visit amazing natural areas, find and photograph amphibians, and learn about ecology at and wildlife conservation from local and international experts – at a time and place of their own choosing.

You choose the dates and the country, and enjoy an ecotour for your private group of friends, family and/or colleagues.

Custom Ecotours are perfect for people with tight schedules as you can choose your own dates. They are also great for reuniting with family and friends, and even for workplace getaways to bring staff members together in an unforgettable setting.

“Thank you for a fabulous tour. I will cherish these memories the rest of my life. I hope to join you again one day soon. Keep up the great work!!”
— Paige Donnelly, North Carolina; Participant on the 2018 Ecuador Ecotour

About Our Partner

Conservation Careers has teamed up with the world’s most effective amphibian conservation organization. Their mission is to protect amphibian populations and to promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife. They work in California, across the USA, and around the world to prevent the extinction of amphibians, and to create a better planet for humans and wildlife.

Our partner protects amphibian populations and empowers ordinary citizens to make extraordinary contributions to the betterment of the planet. Since 2008, their staff and volunteers have held over 2,000 educational events in 57 countries to inspire, educate and empower people like you to protect and care for amphibians.

They created, restored and protected habitat for threatened amphibian populations; spearheaded successful local, state and federal legislation on behalf of amphibians; and educated millions of people worldwide about amphibians.

If you register your interest below, we’ll put you in touch with our partner to take the booking and to plan your trip!

Group Size

The minimum group size is four participants; the maximum is 15.

Tour Leaders & Amphibian Guides

All ecotours have:

  • One Tour Leader with extensive experience leading ecotours.
  • One local Amphibian Guide with extensive experience in the region’s amphibians.
  • Various other local guides with an array of expertise who join us occasionally.

Ecotour Length

The recommended Custom Ecotour length is 10 days (9 nights), though we are open to longer or shorter trips.

Painted Burrowing Frog (Neobatrachus sudelli) from Australia.


Please choose from any of the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Spain
  • USA

If your preferred destination is not on the list, let us know and we will see if we can make it happen!

“You do a fantastic job of organizing everything beautifully & ensuring that safety is never in jeopardy, so keep up the superb work!! It’s why you’re such a trusted leader in ecotourism.”
— Ronni Trankel, California; Participant on the Belize & Costa Rica Ecotours

Striped Rocket Frog (Litoria nasuta), which can leap 28 times its body length!

About the Ecotours

Since 2013, we have led ecotours in Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru…and we are continuously developing amazing new ecotours around the world. The goal of our ecotours is to take adventurous, nature-loving people to the most biodiverse places on the planet and teach them all about wildlife and the natural world. On an Ecotour, we find lots of frogs; meet local people; connect with other supporters; visit beautiful places; eat great food; and have an all around unforgettable experience. We hope you can join us!

“If I could, I would be on one of these ecotours in a minute. Education, fun, and new friends all surrounded by nature and beautiful amphibians. One of my most favorite adventures led by [a fabulous team]. If you’re looking for a vacation (family friendly) for the mind, body, and soul check them out. Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Peru are the destinations this year.”
— Deborah Blake Dempsey, New Hampshire; Participant on the 2016 Ecuador Ecotour

Trip Cost

Custom Ecotour pricing is as follows, and assumes a trip length of 10 days. Shorter trips will cost less, longer trips more.

  • Base cost for a party of four: $6,995 per person
  • Base cost for a party of five: $6,845 per person
  • Base cost for a party of six: $6,695 per person
  • Base cost for a party of seven: $6,545 per person
  • Base cost for a party of eight: $6,395 per person
  • Base cost for a party of nine: $6,245 per person
  • Base cost for a party of ten: $6,095 per person
  • Base cost for a party of eleven: $5,945 per person
  • Base cost for a party of twelve: $5,795 per person
  • Base cost for a party of thirteen: $5,645 per person
  • Base cost for a party of fourteen: $5,495 per person
  • Base cost for a party of fifteen: $5,345 per person
  • Student Discount: Full-time students receive a $100 discount.
  • Prices are based on double-occupancy rooms. If you require private accommodation, prices will be higher.
  • If you prefer luxury accommodation, it will be at an additional cost if it is available.

All proceeds support worldwide amphibian conservation efforts, enabling us to protect amphibians and promote a society that respects and appreciates wildlife and nature.

Your ecotour payment will cover:

  • All lodging
  • All meals
  • In-country transportation
  • World-class tour guides and their scientific expertise

It is your responsibility to pay your own costs of:

  • International airfare (the tour begins and ends at a major airport in the country where the ecotour takes place)
  • Snacks
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Travel insurance
  • Optional adventure tourism activities
  • Souvenirs
  • Note again that you will be required to pay your own airfare to and from the country where the ecotour takes place.

Payment Options & Securing Your Space On The Tour

  • To secure your space on the tour, you can pay a $1,500 per person non-refundable deposit if you prefer not to pay in full all at once.
  • Full payment is due sixty days prior to the tour start date.
  • Failure to pay in full by sixty days prior to the tour start date may result in forfeiture of your deposit money and your space on the ecotour.
  • We accept checks and credit cards.

COVID-19 policy and safety

Our partner is excited to welcome you on the tour. Due to the pandemic, they have additional guidelines, expectations and requirements to maximize the safety of all participants.

These include:

  • Status of COVID-19 in Costa Rica
  • COVID-Related Safety Requirements Before The Ecotour
  • Mandated Insurance
  • COVID-Related Safety Requirements During The Ecotour
  • Single Travelers
  • Exit Requirements For Leaving Costa Rica & Returning To The USA
  • Covid Discussion on Day 1 of tour
  • If You Get Sick During Tour

Once you register your interest using the form below, our partner can provide the full COVID & Ecotours guidance document.

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