The GIS and Monitoring Intern will be a part of The Nature Conservancy’s central Minnesota stewardship team. GIS data collected will be used as part of TNC’s adaptive land management program.  Data will be analyzed to determine effectiveness of past land management efforts and for planning future efforts.  Vegetative monitoring data will be analyzed to determine broad changes in condition of native grasslands in response to grazing and other land management techniques. Data will contribute to a coordinated effort to compare management practices across ownerships throughout the northern tallgrass prairie region. The intern will fill a critical role in helping the chapter and the Grassland Monitoring Collaborative to close the adaptive management loop.

The intern will be responsible for collecting GIS data in the field and for conducting rapid belt transect surveys in coordination with TNC staff and partners. The work will be conducted on TNC owned nature preserves in central Minnesota.  The intern will be required to travel as a team to different properties within the work area (vehicle and lodging provided).  Data management in an office setting will also be part of the job. The intern will be responsible for managing data safely, including regular downloads to a hard drive, creating backups, etc. This is an excellent opportunity to apply learned GIS skills in a conservation setting, and to enhance botanical skills and experience first-hand the unique beauty and biodiversity of Minnesota prairies.

This position provides:
– $225 weekly Living Allowance
– $1,110 one-time round trip Travel Allowance
– $100 reimbursable work boot allowance
– Housing provided on-site
– Health Insurance (if needed)

This position is an AmeriCorps program and acceptance of AmeriCorps membership is required. The AmeriCorps Education Award received upon successful completion of this position is $1,311.11.

*All allowances subject to applicable federal, state, and local taxes.*

It is SCA’s policy that all AmeriCorps-required background checks must return cleared results prior to the position’s start; this includes being fingerprinted for the FBI check. Otherwise, the AmeriCorps award will be removed or the position’s start date will be delayed due to non-compliance.

  • Operations base rotating between Cushing, MN and Kellogg, MN. Work will primarily be within a 50 mile radius of operations base. Housing provided.
  • Plant Identification workshops NWCG Fire Training Herbicide safety ATV/UTV safety Chainsaw safety Water
    pumps GPS receivers GIS
  • GIS Mobile GIS Apps Work with volunteers Network with Conservation professionals Learn business of conservation
    Botany/Ecology/Natural History Fire Ecology Natural Resources Conservation Canoeing/Kayaking Fishing
    Biking/Hiking Swimming
  • No
Main Area of Focus
Geographic Info Systems (GIS, includes GPS)