Expected Dates: September 27, 2021 to September 16, 2022
Site: NPS (National Park Service) Washington Office
Position ID: PO-00732117
This position will be responsible for the creation of cultural resource spatial data related to one National Park Service (NPS) cultural resource inventory, as part of an ongoing effort to expand the existing NPS cultural resource enterprise GIS data set managed by the NPS Cultural Resource GIS Facility. The enterprise dataset is intended to integrate all of the NPS cultural resource inventory databases, allowing NPS park resource managers, regional staff and national program managers to better understand and plan for cultural resources within NPS holdings. Unrestricted portions of the data are also made available to the public through internet applications, internet data viewers and government-wide spatial data search portals.

Spatial data created in this project will delineate cultural resources described in the State, Tribal, Local, Plans and Grants database (STLPG) as well as the Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record/Historic American Landscape Survey inventory (HABS/HAER/HALS) in the NPS spatial data transfer standard format to facilitate inclusion in the NPS cultural resource enterprise GIS dataset. Additionally, this spatial data will cross-reference with other NPS databases already in the enterprise (Cultural Landscapes Inventory, List of Classified Structures and National Register of Historic Places) which may reference the same resources, but contain different descriptive or condition information. The resulting product will allow NPS resource managers, planners and program managers to visualize integrated cultural resource inventory data for the first time, improve the quality of existing spatial data and provide the tools to better steward the resources.

Data created specifically for HABS/HAER/HALS will be further distributed to the general public as an Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA) in the FGDC Cultural Resource theme. Together with the existing National Register of Historic Places data set, also an NGDA in the FGDC Cultural Resource theme, these data sets will become the authoritative national source for cultural resource information, aiding in compliance with regulations under the National Historic Preservation Act and specifically related to disaster and climate change response.

This position will be responsible for completing the data creation and input into a Geographic Information System (GIS). The intern will be working with the records of the State, Tribal, Local, Plans and Grants database (STLPG) as well as the Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record/Historic American Landscapes Survey database (HABS/HAER/HALS). Spatial coordinates will be gathered from the inventory where possible and then transferred to the GIS. Where no coordinates exist, new spatial data will be generated. The intern will also complete the metadata for each record in the GIS, to comply with the NPS cultural resource spatial data transfer standards. Finally, the interns will incorporate the spatial data created into the cultural resource enterprise data set and create links between the spatial data and the STLPG and HABS/HAER/HALS databases.

  • The position will be located in Washington, DC where the database managers are co-located, but the inventories used in the project are national in scope. Depending on circumstances, the tasks associated with the position could be completed from a remote location outside of Washington, DC
  • Successful applicants will receive training in the NPS cultural resource spatial data transfer standards, creating GeoDatabases and generating spatial data
  • Those interested in the position will learn how to work with the STLPG and HABS/HAER/HALS databases, exploring the documentation of cultural resources produced.
  • Yes
Main Area of Focus: Geographic Info Systems (GIS, includes GPS)
Education, Training & Skills Expected
Social Sciences
some coursework or experience
Earth Sciences
some coursework or experience
degree minor or extensive experience
Resource Management
some coursework or experience
degree major or professional experience
Computer Science
some experience
competent without supervision
Data Analysis
competent with supervision