Warwickshire Wildlife Trust (WWT) is one of the 46 UK Wildlife Trusts. Established in 1970 we are a grass roots organisation governed by 14 trustees elected from a membership of 26,000 people, 99% of whom live in the county, and supported by 700 active volunteers. We manage an estate covering 1,000 hectares in Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull and no one living or working in that area is more than 6 miles from one of our 67 nature reserves.

The Habitat Biodiversity Audit Manager is responsible for managing the HBA Partnership that includes the Habitat Biodiversity Audit (HBA) and Wildlife Sites Project (WSP). These projects gather and analyse data to support habitat associated outputs, such as nature recovery strategies, local state of environment reports, biodiversity net gain monitoring, planning strategies and planning applications plus other partner and national requests.

 Line management and team work

  • Oversee and manage the staff and volunteers ensuring that work programmes are implemented and the work of team members is co-ordinated.
  • Work collaboratively with partners to support the provision of data that allows them to incorporate evidence-based decision making into project development and delivery.
  • Liaise with Director of Landscape Recovery and the HBA Partnership to ensure that objectives are met and seek guidance where appropriate.
  • Oversee that the recruitment and management of volunteers to assist with the projects.
  • Oversee that training is provided to staff and volunteers to develop relevant skills.

Partnership engagement

  • Manage relationships with key points of contact within the Local Authority partners and agree annual financial commitments from them to fund the HBA Partnership.
  • Maintain a highly effective working relationship with all Partners, especially the Warwickshire County Council Ecology Team and Biological Records Centre.
  • Ensure that the HBA Team continues to deliver the service requirements that Local Authority Partners require, evolving and improving the offering where appropriate through Partnership agreements, annual agree workplans and discussions.
  • Produce reports on progress to demonstrate the impact and value of the HBA to external audiences.
  • Organise Steering Group meetings with Local Authority partners to report on progress and agree priorities for work.
  • Organise Management Group meetings with Local Authority partners to progress actions agreed by the Steering Group.

Surveying and monitoring

  • Oversee the HBA staff, volunteers and contractors who undertake UK Habitat Classification surveys, biodiversity net gain assessments, monitoring and other data collection in accordance with national data standards.
  • Oversee the Local Wildlife Site monitoring and surveying programme.
  • Analyse data generated from survey work to provide the evidence base for decision making related to Local Nature Recovery Strategies for Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull.
  • Collaborate with TWT network and Local Authority partners to share best practice on aspects of surveying, monitoring and data analysis.
  • Ensure that effective data sharing agreements are in place that benefit all stakeholders involved.
  • Ensure that information systems and document storage are maintained in accordance with nationally agreed standards.
  • Work with partners to develop satellite and remote surveying and monitoring technics to increase data management efficiency, accuracy and currency.


  • 4 years + professional experience
  • Staff and volunteer leadership
  • GIS and data manipulation and analysis
  • Landscape scale conservation principles and practice
  • Building relationships with a wide range of stakeholders
  • Negotiation with partnership organisations
  • Contract management


  • UK Planning system and biodiversity net gain principles
  • Understanding UK Habitat Classification and Phase 1 mapping
  • Comfortable with using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • Understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion