Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge provides an opportunity to build your biological monitoring and management skills by working with a team of skilled field biologists. Interns are an essential part of our operations, and if selected, you will become a dynamic member of our skilled and motivated team. Deadline to apply: 11 February 2022

16 weeks (~May 2 – August 19, 2022)

One full-time inturn to assist with habitat restoration projects, including monitoring and managing a shrubland habitat and greenhouse plant propagation and Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge, Maine. This position requires a strong interest native plant propagation and invasive species. Applicants should be able to identify native and invasive plants, perform manual removal of invasive plants, and survey/maps areas for new invasive plant occurrence.

Primary responsibilities (65% of duties) include but are not limited to: greenhouse plant propagation, mapping and eradicating invasive plant species common to New England, and monitoring and managing shrubland habitat. Additional responsibilities (45% of duties) include but are not limited to: providing public outreach and education, wildlife and vegetation surveys, data entry, and general refuge maintenance /operations.

Interns will be required to work some weekends and holidays. Interns must be able to work in varied climatic conditions (harsh sunlight to rain, firm to unstable footing (sand, salt marsh; shallow to hip-deep water), exposure to high temperatures/humidity, biting insects, carry moderate loads (30-50 lbs over long distances and use hand tools to dig/pull vegetation. Intern must possess valid driver’s license, have good communication and organizational skills, ability to work well with others and independently with minimal supervision, and be an enthusiastic field worker.

General requirements:

  • U.S. citizen, national or lawful permanent resident.
  • Valid state driver’s license.
  • Must be able to work independently and in small teams; must have good observational skills and communication skills.
  • Schedule flexibility, including weekend, holidays, and morning/ evening shifts
  • Willingness to follow federal COVID-19 policies and guidance


  • $250 weekly living stipend
  • Free co-ed bunkhouse style lodging with laundry and wi-fi on Rachel Carson NWR may be available (as COVID-19 regulations allow).
  • Professional development, training, and networking opportunities.
  • Work vehicle and equipment provided