The Big Cat Sanctuary is seeking an experienced, enthusiastic, dedicated and highly motivated individual to join our small, friendly team, to provide the highest standards of husbandry, enrichment and care to our cats. This position presents an exciting opportunity to take on a very rewarding role in an exceptional environment.

Position Overview
BCS Keepers undertake a full range of husbandry duties, provision of appropriate enrichments and the execution of cognitive operant conditioning and target training. BCS also has a changing team of volunteers and interns, which you will be tasked with working alongside, as well as visitors on team building exercises (who will undertake a full range of general site and enclosure maintenance duties). The post holder is expected to work independently as well as in a team environment, with the ability to manage multiple assignments and complete priorities in an efficient & effective way.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities include:
• Working as per the instructions of the Head Keeper & Deputy Head Keeper contribute to the
day-to-day and long-term care and welfare of the animals held at BCS; ensuring daily security
checks, animal husbandry and welfare routines/management, environmental enrichment and
veterinary intervention are undertaken as instructed
• Help the Head Keeper & Deputy Head Keeper develop and supervise volunteers & interns, as
• At all times, work within the guidelines of all Health & Safety Procedures and Protocols, ensuring
ongoing animal, personal and visitor safety and security
• Maintain a strong understanding of emergency procedures, be fully aware of your individual
role and responsibilities in an emergency situation, engaging with practice routines/drills, as
• Immediately notify Head Keeper, Deputy Head Keeper or Head of Building & Maintenance (or
their Deputy) of any concerns re: enclosure safety
• Undertake & record animal observations accurately and effectively, as required
• Deliver high standards of visitor interaction in the form of keeper talks, encounters, experiences,
tours and education events and engaged guests both formally during presentations etc. &
informally during the routine operation of the Sanctuary
• Maintain a good knowledge of industry specific working practices/guidelines and legislation,
contributing to Zoo License inspections and other audits, as required
• Identify development opportunities, attending formal & informal training as appropriate
• Foster a pleasant working environment & atmosphere, raising any issues professionally
• Encourage positive communication and collaborative working between all departments