Exciting opportunity to develop and deliver a holistic program of delimitation, containment, localized eradication and mitigation for the highly invasive and toxic Asian toad (Duttaphrynus melanostictus) in eastern Madagascar. The Asian toad is thought to have been introduced to Madagascar around 2010 and has more than doubled its distribution since its discovery in 2014: now covering an estimated area of 220 km2 centered around Madagascar’s main port city of Toamasina. The toad poses a significant ecological threat to Madagascar, one of the world’s top biodiversity hotspots, and an economic and health threat to its people. The position requires 10+ years’ experience in invasive species management, preferably with specific amphibian experience. The role will involve collaborating with multiple and varied stakeholders from the Malagasy government, to funders, to the local population living in the affected areas. The Program Coordinator will work with the program’s Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to develop an effective, multi-pronged approach to mitigate the impacts of the Asian toad in Madagascar and will be the primary person responsible for the program’s delivery.


The Program Coordinator will take responsibility for the development of the Asian Toad Control and Mitigation Program in Madagascar in collaboration with the TAG and will be the primary person responsible for the program’s delivery and execution.  It will involve developing and overseeing a holistic program to tackle the invasive Asian toad population in Madagascar most likely through delimitation, containment, localized eradication and the setting up a detection/reporting infrastructure to better monitor the toad’s distribution and dispersal. The job will require the advancement of multiple high-level collaborations necessary to achieve mission success. A critical aspect of the role will be to help build capacity within Madagascar to deal with the Asian toad invasion.



  • Lead the field effort to determine the current area of incursion of the Asian Toad in Madagascar with the use of methods sensitive to detection of low density populations.
  • Identify, in collaboration with the TAG, partners and experts, agreed goals to contain and/or mitigate the impacts of Asian toads in Madagascar.
  • Develop a strategy to achieve the agreed program goals
  • Develop and implement the logistical and technical aspects of the Asian Toad program in the field
  • Facilitate invasive species workshops for staff/partners
  • Oversee the accurate collecting and archiving of data from the field
  • Ensure appropriate health and safety standards for staff and contractors

Project Management

  • Assemble, train, motivate, and lead a support team (in remote field conditions)
  • Meet administrative and financial objectives
  • Prepare and deliver brief monthly field updates and budget reports
  • Prepare biannual detailed progress reports


  • Work in collaboration with Madagascar’s Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (MEDD) and the regional branch of MEDD (DREDD) to ensure open communication and compliance with Malagasy laws/regulations
  • Work in collaboration with other relevant ministries in Madagascar to facilitate the program (eg. Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture etc.)
  • Contribute towards the development of a National Toad Action Plan to guide the national response to the Asian toad invasion
  • Consult with the program Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on a monthly basis
  • Consult with the larger international community of experts on invasive species regarding development of the program and communication of results and progress
  • Build relationships with primary stakeholders to win support – both political and financial – for the Asian toad program; this will include extensive consultations with local communities across the area of incursion
  • Meet with potential donors, funders and partners (e.g., IUCN, UNEP, UNDP, ADB) to highlight the issue and access potential avenues for rapid funding, to be supported in this role by the TAG
  • Coordinate, in collaboration with MEDD and DREDD, awareness campaigns to inform the local residents of the impacts and risks posed by toads
  • Coordinate the development of a reporting network by which new Asian toad sightings outside the present incursion area can be reported
  • Help facilitate complementary research by independent third parties to better understand the ecology, dispersion, behavior and impacts of the Asian toad

Note: We understand that this is a very diverse role that we are seeking to fill. We would like to clarify that the main priority and emphasis for the Program Coordinator’s role will be to develop, coordinate and implement the field control, delimitation and mitigation program. Support will be provided for the other tasks through the TAG.


The Asian Toad Program Coordinator will be self-motivated, well organized, collaborative and experienced.

Mandatory Requirements:

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Biology or related area, and +10 years’ experience in invasive species projects
  • Working knowledge of biosecurity, invasive species management, early detection, containment methods and ecological impacts of invasive species on native species and ecosystems
  • Demonstrated scientific and technical knowledge and experience in terrestrial invasive fauna eradication/control methods
  • Proven ability to live and work in multi-cultural contexts, preferably with international experience working in developing countries.
  • Management and administration experience including ability to lead a support field team, meet logistical and financial goals, and manage performance of a large-scale collaboration
  • Demonstrated skills in networking, collaborating and liaising with stakeholders and donors such as local communities, NGO’s, development aid agencies, Embassies and Consulates, and other organizations
  • Excellent and timely written and verbal communication skills (in English)
  • Excellent data management skills

The following are desirable but not required.

  • Proficiency in French or Malagasy is highly desirable
  • Knowledge of invasive species policy at the national and international levels
  • Experience with GIS software

Position: Asian Toad Program Coordinator
Reporting to: Asian Toad Project Leader
Term: Full-time 2-year contract position, beginning as soon as possible.
Location: Toamasina, eastern MADAGASCAR

Applications: Send CV including contact details for three references and letter of motivation to [email protected] by 26th September 2019 detailing relevant experience.