About Coral Triangle Center

The Coral Triangle Center (CTC) is a foundation based in Bali, Indonesia that trains marine resources managers and educates all groups that interact with coastlines and reefs within the Coral Triangle. The applied training and learning programs are adaptive, innovative and customized for different stakeholders to abate threats, address constraints and promote sustainable practices. CTC provides various training in marine natural resources management and emphasizes training on fisheries management and marine protected areas management. In developing and delivering training, CTC works closely with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries and partners in Indonesia and internationally.

The CTC has developed a capacity development program on the range of MPA and fisheries management issues to support the government at national and provincial level. CTC supports the government’s policy to increase the number and extent of MPAs in Indonesia. At the site level, CTC is currently working to support the implementation and improvement of management effectiveness in 5 MPAs in Indonesia and 2 MPAs in Timor-Leste. CTC is also committed to supporting the development of potential new MPAs in Indonesia. CTC is committed to working with governments, indigenous peoples, universities, scientists, and other institutions to improve the effectiveness of MPA management that is adaptive and based on the latest scientific knowledge.

Essential Functions

The specific role of Maluku MPA Coordinator will be to coordinate marine protected area works both the current MPAs and the new identified ones; developing MPA standard operating procedures; support effective surveillance system in the MPAs, community outreach and awareness, and capacity building for MPA management unit, local community, and related stakeholders. He/she will be involved in building and strengthening key constituencies in the areas, managing good relationships with local government, coordinating data collection on ecological, socioeconomic, and governance periodically to feed for, to track progress, and to report for improving MPA management effectiveness. He/she will support the GIS works in the CTC MPA Learning Site Program.

Maluku MPA Coordinator will lead coordination, develop site yearly and monthly work plan in coordination with key MPA and fisheries stakeholders, monitor and report progress of Buano, Lease and Sula MPAs Learning Site to immediate supervisor, and provide update on site activities to CTC MPA Learning Site Manager and Senior Program Manager. Maluku MPA Coordinator will support training and capacity building of MPA management unit, local community, and related stakeholders by liaising with CTC Training and Learning Manager. Maluku MPA Coordinator will support the CTC fisheries program in coordinating fisheries works at provincial level, providing support for fisheries data collection and recording at site level. This position will require medium level ability to develop learning trip itinerary and to guide key guests to learn about the site. Maluku MPA Coordinator will supervise and work day-to-day with Buano, Lease, Ay and Rhun Islands, and Sula Islands MPAs Field Officer. Together with MPA Learning Site Manager, Maluku MPA Coordinator will strengthen Banda and Maluku MPA Network position and to facilitate smooth implementation of the network.

Reporting and Coordination Line

Maluku MPA Coordinator will directly report to CTC MPA Learning Site Manager.


Home Based

Maluku MPA Coordinator will be based in Ambon with frequent travel to MPA sites in Maluku and North Maluku aiming for supporting work at site level, and travel to CTC Bali Office for annual work planning and other key events which require medium to high level coordination.

Qualification and required knowledge and skills

  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree majoring in marine science with minimum 4 years working experience in a similar field.
  • Strong ability in collecting data for overall reef health monitoring on site, familiar with socioeconomic and governance data collection.
  • Strong knowledge on basic MPA design and management using available key tools. Medium knowledge on fisheries data collection.
  • Ability to design, develop, implement, monitor, evaluate activities.
  • Ability to produce succinct narrative reports in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Good communication and presentation skills, ability to persuasively convey the mission of CTC.
  • SCUBA Diver with minimum at least 50 log dives or Rescue Diver Level.
  • Strong ability in GIS work
  • Capable in the use of Microsoft Office suite.
  • Proven skills on facilitation works, community organizing, and community involvement projects.
  • Trustworthy, attention to detail with a high degree of accuracy and organized work.
  • Ability to develop basic technical reports on projects running on the ground and to write up short stories from the field for communications purposes.
  • May prepare and present project proposals upon request.
  • Ability to work with different backgrounds and solicit information for further decision-making processes.

Responsibility/Oversight – Financial and Supervisory

Ensure that his/her works, travel-related requests and reporting, complying with CTC policies and procedures and external (donor/legal).

Working Condition

  • He/she should be able to work independently to achieve a set target with minimum supervision.
  • Evening and weekend work to achieve program goals may be required.
  • Duties require communicating effectively with various stakeholders.
  • Work may require hours in physical exercise while collecting field data.
  • 80% of travel may be required at short notice and possibly to remote and distant locations.
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure and meet deadlines.

Please send your CV and application letter to: hrecruitment@coraltrianglecenter.org

(Closing date for application: January 31, 2022)