Project background/ purpose

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF), has been working on and restoring island biodiversity for the past thirty years. The focus has been towards removing invasive species, replanting native vegetation, monitoring and reintroducing threatened bird and reptile species.

The position

We are looking for highly self-motivated and conscientious individuals to assist with work on the offshore islands within our project teams to:

  • Support plant, reptile and seabird restoration and research on Round Island;
  • Ensure island biosecurity is maintained and to remove emergent threats caused by invasive species introductions;
  • Assist when required, our reptile projects (skinks, geckos, snakes, tortoises) for the monitoring of island populations, helping with reptile translocations and head starting of young reptiles for release;
  • Support the maintenance of island infrastructure, such as equipment, enclosures, field stations etc.

Qualifications / requirement

We are looking for applicants that have the following qualities/experience:

  • Have gained a BSc in the biological sciences
  • Demonstrate a keen interest in island restoration and conservation
  • Be physically fit for working in tough remote conditions and able to stay focused on repetitive work
  • Be ready to adapt to unforeseen circumstances with initiative and due care
  • Have good written and spoken English
  • Have a sound knowledge of spreadsheet applications and data management
  • Preferably have a driving license for car and/or motorbike
  • Be a good swimmer and have first aid certification

Summary of terms and conditions of employment

This is a volunteer position, starting in June 2019 for six months. Other conditions will be further discussed in the interview.

Accommodation: Provided
Transport: Provided for work purposes
Location: Island of Mauritius / Mauritius
Hours of work: 220 hours of work per month
Policies and procedures: We have policies designed to ensure the well-being of both workers and volunteers, e.g. Accommodation, vehicles etc.
Other: They would be required to pay for their return airfare and must have comprehensive insurance cover (including repatriation) for the duration of their stay. The volunteer will need approximately £200 per month to cover their costs for food (on and off the islands), socialising and personal items. Personal equipment needs are basic (e.g. work clothes, sturdy boots, sun protection, reliable watch, LED head torch, thin sleeping bag and/or bed sheet, mosquito net, mobile phone).

Recruitment & Selection process

The selection process will involve short-listing and a Skype interview for the short-listed candidates with senior Islands Restoration Staff.

How to apply

Please send a CV (resume) and a covering letter (with the word ‘Islands’ followed by your surname and initials at the start of each file name), by email to [email protected]

Closing date for applications: 23rd July 2019.